9 cool ideas for an incomparable cuisine

Stop the pabulum! Creative, unusual kitchens are in! Kitchens that reveal something about the owner who impress with their courage to color or original details. We have put together for you 9 examples that show how easy it is to customize your kitchen. From color ideas for kitchen fronts, to exceptional tiles, to custom kitchen walls - now it's your turn to give your kitchen a new look.

1st villa meets metro

At first glance, the delicate mint green clearly shows the fascination of this kitchen. Only when we look a second time, it becomes clear what role the kitchen wall plays: They were designed with so-called metro tiles, creating an exciting contrast between the lovely country house style and the cool metro look.

2nd kitchen in trendy retro style

True to the motto Do not spill, but dab Of course you can also make all kitchen fronts in a bright color. Thanks to the clever color combination of black and yellow and the aluminum handles, the whole thing does not look exaggerated, but rather preserves a classic retro touch.

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3. Soft olive green

Of course, the kitchen design is particularly harmonious if you create everything in the same color. How stylish this can look, proves this variant: The kitchen fronts are in itself quite timeless classic, the olive green makes them, however, an upbeat highlight. Thanks to the popular TIP-ON technology, no handles or strips interfere with the design of the slippery fronts.

4. Colorful country style

Let's start with a tasteful color refreshment of the kitchen. With a rich, dark blue you can not go wrong! The color even has a calming effect on our mind, making it perfect for a kitchen that is also hot. However, it is advisable to add sufficiently bright shades so that the strong color is not too oppressive to the room.

5. eye-catching wall design

Bright yellow-orange meets shimmering-glamorous brown - if that is not a guarantee of success for a fancy kitchen! You do not even know which place you should first pay attention to in this kitchen. Particularly effective is the design of the counter and the wall parts, which are otherwise rather neglected. You can find even more creative ideas for the walls here.

6. Indirect lighting

Who wants to make his kitchen an extraordinary eye-catcher, can also use indirect, at best colored light. Our experts from Glass design Schenk show how impressive this can look in this kitchen. Not only the kitchen island was provided with a green, indirect lighting, but also the refrigerator. Another advantage in addition to the color accent: the pieces of furniture get by the clever lighting a floating character.

7. The perfect mix

In this picture we see how stylish you can beautify your kitchen even with individual color accents. Here are the colors green, yellow and orange in different elements again, which creates some variety in the entire room, but he does not seem too restless. Especially clever: the green stripe, which is staged along the ceiling with spots.

8. Colorful kitchen wall

One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a fancy look is to design the kitchen wall. Here you can let off steam creatively and attach a variety of materials, colors and motifs. In this case, they decided in favor of a pink kitchen wall, which is water and dirt repellent due to its special coating. Characteristics that you should take into account.

Take a look at our other ideas for a fancy kitchen wall.

9. Kitchen made to measure

A kitchen full of curves, a fancy worktop, topped with an upbeat color - that's not what you'll find in the furniture store around the corner. If you like such a unique model, you should directly hire a kitchen planner to build his own personal kitchen - creativity knows no bounds.

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