Bench for the hallway

A bench seat in the hallway is simply a storage space for some, which is occasionally used and for the others a luxury that you will never want to miss again. And anyone who has ever had the pleasure of being able to put on their shoes while sitting in the hallway knows how much a bench can enhance the entrance area.

You also dream of a bench in the hallway? Then let yourself be inspired by the models of our experts and find the right bench for your style of living.

Bench made of wood

This bench is called Thomas With its reduced design, the geometric shapes and the purist wood look is a nice eye-catcher in the hallway. For the design of the bench, untreated plywood and spruce were used. Over time, these types of wood create a natural patina, giving the bank an even more unique look.

Bench with pillows

If you like to get comfortable wearing your shoes, you will love this bench with its padded seat pad. The bench was made of medium density fibreboard (MDF), but the drawer fronts are made of fir wood. The drawers painted in subtle tones offer storage space for shoe accessories, rain cape and Co.

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Log as seating

This bench is perfect for lovers of rustic style. Nothing was cut in shape for this model or decorated with an extraordinary design. Instead, a half-timbered trunk serves as a rustic seating. Provided with sturdy legs, the trunk becomes a comfortable wooden bench.

Memories from school days

The wooden bench with its design is reminiscent of the benches in the locker room in the school - and furniture with this retro look are quite hip. The seat slats of Beng can be different: Either the bench consists of 18 millimeters thick, untreated oak or 18 millimeters thick birch plywood, coated on both sides with a red phenolic resin film. 

A substructure of raw steel profiles gives the seat stability and an industrial look.

Bench with shelf

Why not combine a bench in the hallway with storage space? This piece of furniture is ideal especially for small corridors. So you can sit on one side, while on the other side the shoes or accessories are readily available. The light wood of the piece of furniture also helps to make even small rooms look friendlier.

Bench made of concrete

A bench does not always have to be made of wood! That other materials are quite suitable for a stylish bench proves this model. The trend material concrete was formed into an elongated cuboid, with feet made of galvanized iron - and the perfect bench in the industrial style is done. On top of that, the concrete model still has some refinements to offer: The seat was namely provided directly with a comfortable cushion. A hole in the seat provides a convenient storage area for umbrellas.

A bench in the hall already contributes a significant part to the comfort in the room. Here's how you can make your entrance more comfortable: tips for a cozy hallway.

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