Set up small kitchens cleverly

In their planning and design, small kitchens are a challenge. But Patz can be found in every little kitchen! Therefore
Special kitchen systems, which are classic in their style, provide above all
integrated kitchen or otherwise come along. In small kitchens
You want to accommodate as much as possible without it being at the expense of the space
he is too tight or messy. However, if you have some essentials
Things are taken care of, even small kitchens can make it big. That's what happens
especially on a clever planning to set priorities on the decor and on the color and light in the small kitchen

Clever planning is the be-all and end-all for small kitchens

The planning for small kitchens should be carefully thought out so that you can make the most of it in the end. In order to give away no space, you have to measure the space most accurately, especially to end up experiencing no surprises, should not have measured accurately enough. Electricity and water connections must also be taken into account in the planning, as these can not be relocated, these boards determine where the electrical appliances and the sink must be placed in the kitchen.

If the base of the kitchen is small, you should take full advantage of the walls. For this purpose, high and hanging cabinets in bright colors, so that the furniture does not seem too dominant. The space between the worktop and the cabinets can be used well to hang various utensils, such as cookware.

High gloss fronts for small kitchens

Good for small kitchens are also modern high-gloss fronts. The reflections and the light reflections
make sure that the room automatically looks bigger.

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Keep order

It is also important for small kitchens to keep order, because a messy room is quickly overloaded and small. there
If you choose closed cupboards and open shelves behind, for example
Shutters or curtains disappear.

Additional storage space

Additional storage space is created with clever niche solutions. Apothecary cabinets, corner cabinets with rondel or
Turntables and shelves help create this extra storage space
without taking anything away from the room in size.

Quiet frontal image for small kitchens

A calm front image provides more generosity in the room. Handleless kitchens or free work surfaces can be used for more space in the room
to care.

Set priorities when setting up

Key questions to set up small kitchens are the furniture, electrical appliances and other kitchen utensils that are essential in
The kitchen must be accommodated and which in other rooms
can be outsourced. If you have a cellar or a pantry you can
For example, store food there and thus place in the kitchen cabinets
save up.

You should also think about the electrical appliances,
you own or want to grow. If you have enough storage space, rarely
neatly store used devices? Because everything is not regular
is used, only takes up space on the workspace unnecessarily.

Small kitchens with cooking island or dining area

Cooking islands are usually more associated with spacious kitchen areas, but even those who have a small kitchen, does not have this desire
without. With a good planning, a cooking island can also be used in one
realize smaller space. For small kitchens offer peninsulas, the
stand with one side against the wall and thus need less space. It falls
the cooking island is usually a little smaller than in larger kitchens.

Dining area for small kitchens

If even a small table does not fit in the kitchen, but you would like to have a dining place there, you can, for example, for a
Bar counter with bar stools decide. He is very space efficient and fits in almost
every kitchen is very clean. If you place the counter on a kitchen side, he can
simultaneously serve as an extended work surface.

Also a small wall table, the one at best
can collapse, can be very stylish if it comes along in the look of the wall.
Simply stick the table with the right look and so a great
Achieve design effect.

Light and colors for small kitchens

Even the light and the colors are important elements when planning a small kitchen, because they have one
great influence on the spatial effect. If you use light sources cleverly, you will
the room optically enlarged. Optimal light conditions on the work surface can
one with light sources, which are attached directly under the wall cupboards,
to reach. If you illuminate the corners of the room, you also leave the room
continue to act.

Colors for small kitchens

In the color for small kitchens, you should set to bright colors, as they look inviting and visually increase the space. White walls
For example, they blend well with a warm light brown or pastel color. volume
in tone colors help to make the room look bigger. Above all, a color
Unity of floors and walls helps. Also parts of the walls in a bright
Blue or green, seem very harmonious and support the visual space size.

If pastel shades are too boring, that too can be up
Use strong colors like red and set accents. A fridge
in red or bar stools in a strong color make for great eye-catcher. On
you should do without dark colors or use them sparingly, because
they make the room seem squat.

Missing width in small kitchens

Often, the lack of breadth of small kitchens causes problems. The kitchenette should not protrude too far into the room here is
but indispensable, as there are stored electrical appliances and dishes. But
Here, width can be replaced by height, considering the wall surface with shelves

Small kitchens with sloping ceilings

Especially tricky is kitchens with sloping ceilings. To place enough furniture here, like a kitchen, you have to use the wall with the
choose least restrictions. Sliding doors can also ensure that
to avoid the banging of the doors. Under the roof slope is then
Improvisation announced - a narrow bar table, for example, almost everywhere
can be accommodated and can also complement the kitchenette. Even narrow cabinets can be accommodated here. 

Optimal use of every place

If the small space is not sufficient for upper or lower cabinets, it may be useful on holder bars, wall hooks or others
Hanging systems. The advantage: The kitchen utensils are instant

Bring personality to small kitchens

To create a feel-good atmosphere in small kitchens, you can look at vintage accessories and other decorative items
Access the article because the kitchenette is stylistic in the small room
rather simple.

For every little room there is a clever and
comfortable solution. The most important tips summarized here again:

A skilful kitchen planning is required to
to make optimal use of small spaces

Use the heights and niches of the room

High-gloss fronts, bright colors and light provide
for an optical enlargement of the room

Set priorities and outsource little used items
or stow away well

Clever planning also allows installation
a dining area or a cooking island

Who thinks about how his kitchen designs
and how the room can best be used, can also be
With a small kitchen to create a great and comfortable space, the
Linger invites.

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