17 comfortable garden beds from which you do not want to go down!

As soon as the first sunbeams are visible, it is time to get out with the sunbed and find the best place to bask for hours in the sun. So that you can really take it longer in lying or sitting, a comfortable garden chair is the nuts and bolts. We have put together for you 17 different, but definitely modern garden chairs! Now quickly choose the favorite model and the summer is already saved!

2. Spaghetti lounger

The timeless spaghetti-Covering this lounger clings to the body, promising a unique comfort. The fine design and high quality workmanship even earned the chair a nomination for the German Design Award 2016 on. The sun lounger is available in different colors and is characterized by its weather resistance.

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3. Robust outdoor lounger

How annoying it is when the sun is shining and you first have to dig out the garden furniture from the shed and put it in the right position. Since this garden lounger comes as a salvation. Because the fine stainless steel frame defies wind and weather and can be left outside without hesitation even in the snow. The frames are ergonomically shaped, so sunbathing is particularly relaxed.

4. Comfortable sunbathing

Even with a garden lounger it may be a bit of luxury. What makes this lounger so comfortable? It is the hinged headrest and seat and back cushions that are included. Of course, the package is water-repellent and can withstand all weather conditions.

5th lounger in rattan look

The beach chair seen here was named Lady Curve baptized and this is also very understandable in this bold design. Whether for relaxing sun or reading, this sturdy daybed keeps up and is still practical: the Curve can be used as a storage for towel or magazine. The refreshingly bright turquoise of the upholstery brings a touch of Mediterranean to every garden.

6. Sunbed made of wood and aluminum

A 6-step adjustable backrest can be completely adapted to our needs with this sun lounger - be it for the make-up or for the popular afternoon nap. Long, narrow slats of solid robinia wood and powder-coated aluminum characterize the appearance of this garden furniture.

7. Original design

At the couch with the unusual name Amorphy It is a super-thin, glass fiber reinforced concrete chaise longue. The fascinating thing about it is how the rather clumsy concrete was formed in a very delicate way into a comfortable piece of furniture. The concrete is composed of high-quality, natural materials such as cement, thin glass fibers and the finest sand. Thus, the exceptional lounger consists exclusively of natural materials and is completely recyclable and sustainable.

8. Exotic garden furniture

A fantastic seating comfort is provided by the natural forms of the Oasiq Diuna Series. For a softer seat you can order matching upholstery in gray or white. These simple shades harmonize perfectly with the beautiful color of the teak wood. The high density of the tropical wood makes it permanently stable and insensitive to bad weather conditions and insect infestation.

9. Ergonomic wooden lounger

On this ergonomically shaped garden armchair, it can comfortably withstand the sun. A combination of powder-coated steel and oak wood makes the piece of furniture an eye-catcher with natural charm.

More inspirations for beautiful garden furniture you get with the next pictures ....

10. Stylish comfort

11. Deep lounger

12. Sunning in style

13. Straight design

14. Stackable garden lounger

15. Classic model

16. Minimalist cot

17. Colorful sunbed

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