Cubic houses with character

Clean lines and a no-frills silhouette - that's what many home builders are looking for. With its timeless straightforwardness and
uncompromising functionality is the Bauhaus style again fully in vogue and
new cubic houses are being built on every corner. That these are still theirs
Preserve individuality and score points with a unique personality
the projects we brought you today. Which one would you choose?

All in white

Cubic houses and the color white are an unbeatable team and a very popular combination. No wonder: in brilliant white, the clean lines of the Bauhaus style come into their own even better and the purism is taken to the extreme. So that the whole thing is neither sterile nor boring, the architects have set here on sophisticated projections and recesses that bring life to the facade and give the house personality.

wood in front of the cottage

The interplay of wood and cubic forms represents a reinterpretation of the Bauhaus style and is due to the current zeitgeist. Ecological awareness, sustainability and healthy living are just very important in our society and houses made of renewable natural materials are therefore very popular. The clean lines and sleek shapes take the wood out of its rustic cottage or log cabin look, making it look stylish and fresh, while the warmth of the building material gives the edgy architecture a natural, friendly character.

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Strong contrasts

If you want to personalize your cubic house and give the simple façade a bit of tension, you can count on strong contrasts and, for example, make the areas around windows and doors different in color from the rest of the building. In this way, the massive, white block is loosened and important details are staged with dark accents.

For the smaller purse

As nice as they may be, cubic flat roof villas do not always fit into any budget. But it is also cheap. For example, at our Spanish experts from the architecture firm Casas Cube, there are fancy prefabricated houses in the trendy Bauhaus style starting at 24,900 euros. The modular buildings are available in different sizes, materials and finishes and are also affordable for the smaller budget.

Flowing boundaries

Modern architecture is keen to make boundaries between interior and exterior disappear. The garden and the surrounding area are integrated into the living concept through large glass surfaces and sliding doors and seamlessly into the interior. Cubic houses are therefore often the true masters of opening up to their environment and bringing people and nature closer together again.

To the fast

Cubic houses do not necessarily have to be planned forever. If your focus is on a fast, smooth construction, but you do not want to do without the aesthetics of modern architecture, we can recommend our Dennert Massivhaus experts to you. Their prefabricated houses from the ICON CUBE series score with their speed, precision, quality, economy, longevity and convincing appearance.

See and not be seen

This Japanese cottage shows how clever and clever cubic buildings can be. The completely glazed structure was surrounded by a construction of wooden slats, which can be partially opened. In this way, the residents have a clear view of the garden while protecting their privacy from prying eyes.

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