The coolest ideas for a sitting area in the kitchen

Do you actually know the story of the good old sitting area in the kitchen? Once upon a time long ago, people had small kitchens and many children. Therefore, some went to sea or went to an inn. Since the places were very popular in these places, the idea came up to build a seating area. With a sitting area you can use every corner of the room and offer many people a place.

After a short time, the seating area found its way into the kitchen. Whether in kitchens or living rooms, the practical benefits that a seating area in the kitchen can offer is unbeatable, especially in large families. Last but not least, the storage space under the benches is one of the main reasons why she has never lost any of her dedication in the kitchen.

A sitting area in the kitchen always consists of two benches that converge, so you can sit on it consistently. Space savings, storage space and the elimination of annoying chairs back are just a few of the benefits that surely each of us knows. To summarize, a good dining culture includes a sitting area in the kitchen. And the more beautiful the sitting area in the kitchen and the more space, the more guests can enjoy the culinary festivities in the kitchen. 

Today we present concepts for the seating area in the kitchen from traditional to modern. Even more unusual ideas can be found here. If a very cozy design is to be found, this idea book could inspire you. Have fun!

The origin of the sitting area in the kitchen

So that's it: The good old sitting area in the kitchen, rustic and cozy as in grandma's times. Wood-paneled ceilings and walls create a cozy feeling of home. Very quickly, thoughts come to life that fill this rustic kitchen with life: pork roast, lamb chop, beef steak. Nothing for vegetarians. And yet, tradition and originality, these are the values ​​that transport the sitting area in the kitchen and also mark the food that comes on this table.

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A stage for the seating area in the kitchen

This beautiful sitting area in the kitchen has preserved many elements from that time and re-staged them. The wood paneling on the walls and ceiling does not look traditional at all. The light wood creates a homely atmosphere, but at the same time looks very modern. The accents of the black, modern lamps in cool elegance further emphasize the brightness of the wood and thereby also the novelty of the paneling. Also, the fact that this sitting area in the kitchen does not have to squat in the corner, but is set in the middle of the room as on a stage, shows the importance attached to the food in this house. A sign that food is here associated with attention and celebrated. Food culture has a stage here with the seating area in the kitchen.

The dining table as a rustic center of the extended family

Although no concrete seating area in the kitchen, but a fancy spot: Especially if you want to receive many guests or have many family members at your table, this dining table is suitable. The Architekturbüro Rettberg set up a seating area in the kitchen, which brings an interesting contrast to the clear, metallic, elegant lines of the interior design. A room that, with many stylish elements, such as the eight-meter-wide sliding door front, the fireplace and the windows on the right-hand side, urgently needs an earthy design element. The rustic dining table acts as a soothing center on the whole room. The food may come now. 

A sitting area in the kitchen without corners and in the middle of the room?

Equally rustic is this sitting area in the kitchen consisting of two benches and a table, the Eilmann architects used in industrial loft. Likewise a rustic center can take place at this sitting area in the kitchen of a loft the grill party also with rain. This table regularly offers space and space for interesting conversations. Of course with culinary accompaniment.

Contrasting sitting area

Also, no sitting area in the kitchen in the traditional traditional sense, but very interesting is this Korean version of the dining table. In beautiful contrast of traditional elements of the windows with modern design elements such as the stones in the metallic cage, this sitting area in the kitchen becomes a plaything between freedom and captivity, between light and dark, between day and night. A well thought-out concept of a seating area in the kitchen, which develops a very rustic character due to the real wood appearance of the surfaces.

Proximity and communication in the seating area of ​​the kitchen

A dining room that combines classicist elements with modern LED technology is the product of ALNUS MIMARLIK MOBILIA from Turkey. The composition of this seating area in the kitchen promises a sumptuous occasion due to its own lushness in a small space, just as it is common in Turkish culture. Thus, the chairs of the seating area of ​​this kitchen are rather intended for a longer stay. Interesting feature of this sitting area is also that in this kitchen two chairs fit on each side of the table. Intimacy and solidarity in the discussions are therefore more than welcome here at the table.

A sitting area in the kitchen lasts for life

This sitting area in the kitchen is designer work. The model YouMa of the KWIK DESIGNMÖBEL GmbH makes for a good dinner as well as a piece of furniture in fine restaurants. A seating area that knows its origin and thus turns every kitchen into a work of art. The unique pieces from high-quality production correspond to high handicraft and aesthetic demands. Each piece of furniture is manufactured in many elaborate steps and is aligned so that it can last a lifetime.

Sitting area as a kitchen in the attic. The light variant

This dining opportunity is inspiring for spaces with less space. The sitting area is kitchen and work desk in one breath. Because this corner was installed as a kitchen in an attic. Space was the main starting point. The idea was therefore to stage the seating area in a minimalist and space-saving manner. This is extremely successful: A transparent glass table combined with white chairs and a bright green light are light and do not overburden the room. Cracks and bumps on the white plank flooring can tell exciting stories that are well suited to the lightness of the table. This is the sitting area of ​​a kitchen in the light variant.

Wonderful frames emphasize what matters

Here is the seating area in the kitchen a composition in the room. Tones of metallic light wall decoration decorate the dining area as well as the golden chairs. The wall mirror is framed as the chairs surround the table. A design idea for the sitting area in the kitchen, which plays with frames and the framed. In the center is always the essentials: in the mirror the self, on the table the food. A room concept well structured on two strategies, which would like to include the other walls as well. 

Upholstered seating area and cozy

The upholstered seating area ensures a healthy dose of coziness in the spacious arrangement of the kitchen equipment. By staging under the large kitchen window, you can easily put your feet up and worry about the next recipe in this kitchen. Or just let your eyes wander. And an additional plus possesses this sitting area: It is a true storage wonder! Under the upholstered bench there is space for kitchen utensils or decorative elements.

Sitting area as a good mood booster

A truly flowery pleasure is to linger in this sitting area. Built into the middle of the window, any thought of a dark, dusty sitting area can be thrown overboard. The breakfast in this sitting area is a good mood booster that will carry you through the day. The reason for this is the bright color scheme with the purple accents of the pillows. The elegant and delicate kitchen table in fresh lemon yellow also supports the positive appeal of this kitchen setting.

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