12 elegant sliding doors that will inspire you

The decorative wardrobe in the bedroom or even the classic bookshelf. Much of what surrounds us in our own four walls combines both: aesthetics and practical benefits. However, if you are looking for a decorative element for your own home, which combines both and, moreover, provides for surprised looks, you have to look for a little longer. One of these coveted elements is the sliding door. It was created to effectively separate two rooms, but in terms of optics it is much more unusual than any conventional door could ever be. Whether for the luxurious loft or the small home, the sliding door offers unimaginable advantages for both. Join us and take a look at 12 elegant sliding doors that will inspire you!

First High quality eye-catcher for the small room

As an alternative to the classic door, this example shows a sliding door from its noblest side. The dark wood gives the room value and elegance - The frosted glass elements also ensure that the natural daylight can be distributed undisturbed in the room. Bearing in mind the small space available, the sliding door has clear advantages over the conventional door. A great idea from the interior designer!

Second Modern sliding glass door for the loft dream

This picture is worth a thousand words. But the way in which the glass sliding door separates the two lavishly-sized rooms from one another without completely separating them is breathtaking. Perfectly suited to underline the rustic ambience of both rooms skillfully - and in turn to complement with a modern flair. Thanks to the sliding glass door both rooms can be used differently. In such a way that users or residents perceive them as one unit. The perfect solution for loft apartments or houses with large spaces.

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Third With the charm of the rural

In this example of a sweet country house, we once again get to know the advantages of a sliding door. One could also say: Small houses of course need correspondingly filigree decor. This time, however, as a restrained element, she brings sophistication and style into the hallway, which was otherwise rather formally designed. Their traditional design is just right to add that certain something to the hallway, the business card of your home.

4. Sliding glass door as a personal curtain replacement

Of course, as with most stylistic elements, glass sliding doors can also be individually adapted. Etched textures and patterns on frosted glass give this example in a retro look a clear plus in charm and character. In addition, it is a great example of how the sliding door can replace not only the classic door but also a long curtain in a beautiful and creative way.

5th Wonderful minimalism ensures privacy

Not only as an eye-catching decorative element, but also as a hidden utensil, the modern sliding door knows how to convince us. After all, it does not always have to be the high-contrast design. Sometimes it's the subtle details that make four walls a real home. This example of a minimalist sliding door impresses with its simple elegance. Thanks to its shiny finish, it is both a decoration and a functional element at the same time.

6th The walk-in closet behind the sliding door

A walk-in closet is probably the dream of all of us, right? Anyone who calls him his own does not give it back so quickly. Of course, such a wardrobe needs a lot of space. Not infrequently it is even a separate room. A sliding door is not only great for uniting the wardrobe with the bedroom. Thanks to the space saved by the sliding door, the wardrobe even becomes a fully-fledged dressing room. Just like in this example. Adorable: The neutral wood tone has a soothing and modern feel and makes you want more.

7th A sliding door with natural lightness

Of course, not every door has the task of completely separating one room from the other. A sliding glass door can be a good middle ground to separate two areas without excluding them from each other. In this example, we achieve the same result, albeit with completely different means. The slats of the naturally varnished wood seem light to almost playful. At the same time it separates the two rooms, but without making a complete separation. Great for the Scandinavian-style booth.

8th Inspired by Asian home decor

Sliding doors made of a simple wooden frame covered with paper are called shoji doors. Their big advantage is that they distribute the incident light softly in the room, but at the same time also ensure a clear division of the room. Shoji doors are the perfect alternative for friends of Asian design or those who want to become one. In this example, the sliding door serves as an airy separation of living room and meditation room. Relaxation, guaranteed.

9th The semi-transparent sliding door for the modern kitchen

In our kitchen, it may like something heartier - at least in terms of the smell. If, for example, fry the onions in the pan or the cake slowly rises in the oven. For lovers of modern design who can not decide between functional separation of kitchen and dining area as well as the open kitchen area: Why not choose a semi-transparent sliding glass door? Thus, the kitchen is separated without really being separated from the rest of the house. And all the smells stay where they belong, around the stove under the cooker hood.

10th The in-house drugstore shelf in the bathroom

The bathroom combines many practical requirements. It should be easy to clean and also robust. And of course modern and just great to look at. But also storage space should not be lacking here. The recessed wall shelf in a niche is perfect for sliding doors. The metal frame of the door fits perfectly into the modern offer of this bathroom, while the frosted glass front almost artistically stages the contents of the shelf. Rarely was the in-house drugstore so beautiful to look at.

11th The perfect canvas for your artworks

We were already able to admire how much glass sliding doors are suitable for providing them with their own patterns and textures. In this example, however, this idea will once again be driven forward by at least two steps. Thanks to colored elements and special etching, the glass door becomes the perfect canvas for your artworks. Creative and individual at the same time and probably one of the most surprising aspects of door design.

12th The sliding door as a modern wall decor

In our last example, we look again into a large living room, which takes advantage of the sliding door in a very special way to advantage. Not only does this three-part sliding door become the perfect room divider, but thanks to the unobtrusive finish, it also has an incredibly stylish wall décor. The light mirror effect in combination with the modern materials makes entering this room an absolute experience. Especially suitable for the large living room with loft feeling.

But not only in the loft the sliding door plays all its advantages. As we have seen, it is mainly the small rooms that benefit from the sliding door. And if you really want to get more: 14 sliding doors, with which the place can be optimally optimized. You have to have a look!

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