12 great ideas for natural stone walls

Natural stone on the wall is an interior trend that has been inspiring us for a long time and certainly also a lot for us
will be preserved for a long time. The variety is so huge that
guaranteed everyone finds the right stone for his personal taste.
From marble to slate and from granite to lava - we have twelve today
inspiring ideas for natural stone walls brought.

1. Structure for the corridor

We begin with a successful example of an inviting corridor whose natural stone wall brings structure and tension into play without focusing and deviating from the neutral color concept.

2. Illuminated in the bathroom

In the bathroom, natural stone is particularly popular, not only on the wall, but also around the tub, in the shower and on the vanity. In this case, the wall niche was atmospherically illuminated to perfectly round off the harmonious overall picture.

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3. Naturally elegant duo with wood

Natural stone and wood are unbeatable as a team and can be interpreted in a variety of ways, whether rustic or - as you can see here - simple and elegant.

4. Neutral tones for the living room

In this living room, the natural stone wall picks up the subtle, neutral color scheme of the rest of the interior design, thus ensuring a harmonious, well-balanced whole.

5. Rustic statement wall

With rough natural stone, you can wonderfully stage a wall and make a statement in the apartment.

6. Medieval style 2.0

Dark, mysterious and a bit rough - that too can be natural stone. This bathroom is cavernous, stylish and mysterious.

7. Pure nature

Here, the rustic natural stone wall creates an exciting contrast to the smooth, stained wooden floor and the concrete walls and ceiling in the next room.

8. Noble marble

Natural stone can also be interpreted very noble and glamorous, as this luxurious bathroom shows.

9. Rustic bedroom

The combination of coarse, untreated natural stone and old wood gives this bedroom a rustic country house touch.

10. Modern and noble

Smooth and polished - that's the combination of gray natural stone and maroon wood.

11. Vintage folklore

With a natural stone wall, you can also showcase eclectic decorating styles. Here we see a tasteful blend of modern simplicity and occasional vintage folklore accents.

12. bathroom of one piece

This bathroom, in which quartzite and marble play the main role, looks like a piece of art.

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