6 unusual shelves

In search of a new shelf, many people stay with the Swedish cult furniture Billy hang in the meantime, probably in every second
German living room is to be found. The reasons are obvious: The
Regal Classic is inexpensive, simple and easy and fits everyone
Setup seamless. But really original is such a shelf solution
of course not. Allen, who want away from the uniformed uniformity and porridge
prefer a more individualized variant to books and other belongings
Today, we have six fancy shelves from our experts
brought, who swim against the current and preserve that certain something.

Colorful and versatile

The flip confetti Shelf of flip designs is a colorful and versatile shelving system. The square elements and the plastic panels can be varied as desired. The unique design invites you to create your own patterns and allows the user to indulge in this product individually and to bring a very personal touch in their own home.

Play with gravity

Gravity from Lohr Product Design is an extremely reduced storage furniture, which is not only suitable as a shelf, but also as a side table. It consists of four folded sheets, which are merely put together. The conventional mounting parts such as screws, clamps, dowels or glue are therefore a thing of the past. Gravity needs nothing more than standing still. Even the books, following gravity, comfortably lean into their new home.

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For all bookworms who like to take their reading anywhere, our expert Henrik Lau invented the perfect shelf. BUVAURUM is not only a shelf, but also a book trolley, which can be equipped with heavy picture books, magazines, notes or the like. With wheels, it can be moved despite the great weight, and offers easy access wherever you would like the content.


The Italic Shelf from Ronen Kadushin has its name from the English name for the Schriftauszeichnungsart in italics, which is just as inclined, as the vertical shelf elements in this fancy piece of furniture. A real eye-catcher in every home, the extravagant style cleverly combined with classic design.


Always an eye-catcher and an object where you have to look twice - the invisible bookshelf from the snippets Manufaktur. Your books just seem to stick to the wall on their own. The wall shelf is easy to install and can also float on the wall alone, as the attachment is not visible from any side. The bindings of the shelves are from old books and have different signs of use. In this way, every bookshelf becomes a handmade single item.


The shelve UP AND DOWN from Carmen Stallbaumer Design Perfect as a coat rack for the hall because it has two fold-out coat rails. The practical piece of furniture made of bent, powder-coated sheet metal is available in different colors and impresses with its stylish, modern design.

Even more unusual shelf ideas can be found in our Ideabook Cool Shelves by German designers.

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