Wellness in the cellar

Wellness in the basement - that's an alternative for the basement design! For too often cellar rooms are neglected: full, dark and cool, they are not really a place where we like to stay. But that's a pity, because a lot of living space is left unused. 

The biggest problem with cellars is usually the lighting situation. Because the lack of natural light does not exactly create a homely atmosphere. So also in the basement room, whose transformation we want to show you today. Although it was already used before the renovation as a gym, but due to the lack of light, he seemed rather drab and somewhat oppressive. That was not very inviting and there was no desire for sport. Therefore, our experts, the bathroom planners of La Cucina e Casa hired to conjure out of the dark basement room a bright spa oasis. Whether they have succeeded in this transformation, you can see in the following pictures.

The basement during the renovation

Basement rooms are usually no feast for the eyes - this was no exception. Due to the lack of windows and the elongated, narrow form of the room, the whole seemed rather cramped and not at all inviting. It's hard to believe that a real wellness area should be built soon. For this, our experts used a trick ...

The finished wellness area

The completed spa area leaves nothing to be desired: not only a sauna, a shower and all kinds of sports equipment, but also two comfortably designed relaxation areas.

But not only the interior has fundamentally improved. The first thing you notice is the new lighting conditions that make the whole area look much bigger, brighter and more comfortable. This is largely due to the new light coves, which were attached to the ceiling. This form of indirect lighting is particularly gentle and also has the advantage of making the ceilings appear higher, as you can see in this image. In addition, further LED lights were mounted on the ceiling. If you want to redesign your own basement room, you should remember that the right lighting is half the battle!

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Relaxation area

Directly in front of the glazed sauna, a custom-made large lounger was set up, which was due to their size only in the basement final assembly. The frame was made of wild oak. A lot of soft pillows now invite you to relax after the sauna session.

The rest of the furniture was handcrafted and fitted exactly in the room. Thus, the available space is optimally utilized. To keep the wardrobes and Co. even more discreet, they got a coat of white matt lacquer. 

Fitness on the beach

What could be better than going jogging right on the beach or jumping into the cool waters of the sea? 

Of course, not even the most skilful renovation can get the beach into your own home, but our experts found an ingenious solution to at least get some holiday feeling in the basement room. They succeeded with a 12 square meter mural, which shows a Caribbean scenery complete with palms, beach and sea. Thanks to skilful backlighting, the image radiates from within, not only giving the room a decorative accent, but also providing it with additional light. With this view, it will certainly be much longer on the spinning bike than before the renovation.

Brightly lit

Of course, in the formerly drab basement there is also a small laundry area. This impresses above all by its sophisticated lighting. Because the mirror is not only backlit, it was also positioned so that it reflects the light of the opposite light. This further enlarges the basement room and makes it even brighter. Otherwise, here was set to white. Some wooden details warm up the overall picture. 

This before-and-after project shows us impressively how every dark, drab space can be turned into a true oasis of well-being! If you liked this Ideabook, then you should definitely continue reading, because here is an old attic to the modern spa: Before-After: Attic.

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