Keeping things simple: 5 simple tips for the home

Does chaos win the upper hand in your home again and again? Then you are exactly right here. We have five simple tips for you
you who help you to keep track and mess permanently
banish from the apartment.

1. The corridor as a buffer zone

You do not want to let the chaos into the apartment? Then start in the corridor: use it as a kind of buffer zone that intercepts everything you enter the house with. Means: Here you put off all the things that are not needed inside: shoes come to the shoe rack, key to the key board, jackets, hats and scarves to the wardrobe. For letters and other post is recommended a corresponding holder and for the remaining oddments such as purses, loose coins, etc. a basket. So you have your hands free immediately, everything is in its place and the hallway always remains neat and tidy. A good start for more order in the remaining rooms!

2. Structure in the storage cabinet

In the pantry or in the pantry, things often accumulate that we forget in the depths of the room over time. Then there canned food, spices, mason jars, bottles, sachets and Co. confused and nobody knows what else is available and what has already expired long ago. Our tips: First of all, make sure you have a shelf with shelves, inserts, drawers and other structure holders, secondly organize all foods into groups and arrange everything in rows for easy access, and thirdly regularly check stocks for old or expired supplies and what is going to be used up soon should be, put forward.

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3. laundry mountains under control

The things we need for washing, sorting, ironing and drying should all be in one place. Whether this wash station is in the bathroom, in the basement or in a separate utility room, does not matter. Important: Be sure to keep track and keep detergent, fabric softener, clothes pegs and Co. in a container or the like and set up various baskets in which the dirty laundry already sorted lands: Delicates, Bright, Colorful, 60 ° etc.

More tips and tricks on the topic of laundry can be found in this article.

4. Everything back to its original place

One of the most important cleanup rules is that every item in the household should have a fixed place. And after using this item, he wanders back to his original place. This applies to books and magazines as well as toys, clothes, pens, dishes, cosmetics, cleaning products and everything else in the household.

5. way with unnecessary ballast

Did you know that, statistically speaking, each of us has about 10,000 items, but only around 20% of them use them regularly? Madness! Conversely, this means that we hoard 8,000 unnecessary things in our apartment, which are actually completely superfluous. And the more we accumulate, the more messy it will not only be, but the more we will take our breath away. No matter if clothes, books, electrical appliances or knick-knacks - it's high time to clear out and throw disturbing ballast overboard. Go step by step and room by room and consider uncompromisingly on every single part whether you really need it or whether it actually makes you happy.

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