10 creative living ideas that make the difference

You do not fancy 08/15 and find living ideas that all have, just boring? Then you are exactly right here, because we have
brought you ten creative projects of our experts, either in
Design or in the function or in both of the usual
Take off furnishings.

1. Double holds better

A double sink and a custom worktop bring not only visually fresh wind in the kitchen, but are also super practical. In two separate basins, for example, you can simultaneously wash dirty dishes and fresh food. And the perfectly adapted worktop optimizes and facilitates all work steps.

2. Fancy lamps

With extraordinary designer lamps you can make a real statement at home. This one is a refined reinterpretation of the classic chandelier that adds that special something to the dining room.

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3. Japanese inspired design

Japanese-inspired furniture and accessories are currently just as popular as Scandinavian designs, because they strike the same note: they combine functionality and comfort, concentrate on the essentials and score points with clean lines, natural materials and discreet colors.

4. Statement Wallpaper

Statement wallpapers are great for setting accents at home. Especially in unexpected rooms such as the guest toilet, they come out perfectly and guaranteed to make a good impression on all guests.

5th round thing

Sometimes it is the small details that give a simple piece of furniture that certain something. Here it is the rather unusual, round shape that makes our gaze catch on this simple shelf.

6. Functional and tidy

Electronic devices such as washing machines or dryers are not always nice to look at. It's a really good idea to let them disappear behind closet doors. The detergents are immediately stored above it - this is practical and makes the room tidy and tidy.

7. Do not be afraid of color

As hip as neutral color palettes may be at the moment - one gets a bad mood from too much gray and beige at some point. So dare to do something and put your favorite color in scene - whether in the form of a fancy piece of furniture, a painted wall or a carpet, is up to you.

8. Smart TV furniture

Nothing is more unsightly than tangled cable salads in the living room. That's why a sophisticated TV cabinet is essential. In it, all cables, plugs and Co. disappear and it creates a relaxed, tidy and comfortable feeling of space.

9. Cans and glasses

Whether in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the living room, stylish storage containers are the key to a decent, inviting home. Absolutely must: The cans and glasses should fit together in any case, because a colorful mess brings only trouble in the game.

10. The mix does it

Storage space in the bathroom you can not have enough. However, there is always the question of whether one should rather sit on open shelves or closed cupboards. We recommend a combination of both. So the things that you do not want to see all the time, well hidden and others are always in view.

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