The best ideas for a bedroom in the attic

The expansion of an attic not only brings new living space with it, but also the opportunity to let off steam creatively. Here you can create a new space that either harmonizes with the style of the rest of the house and stands out completely. In particular, bedrooms in the attic are becoming increasingly popular because they seem extremely comfortable due to the low ceiling height. Nevertheless, the certain something for the new bedroom should not be missing. With our six most beautiful bedrooms in the attic you get some interesting interior design ideas.

A harmonious dream

The extension of the storey under a saddle roof belongs to the classics. But this bedroom shows how unusual and stylish you can make a room under a burial roof. The zig-zag shape of the roof results in a varied ceiling height, which promises plenty of freedom. In order to provide comfort in the surprisingly large room, warm brown tones are increasingly used.

Country house charm in the loft

Here we see a part of a loft-style attic. Living, eating and sleeping were literally housed under one roof. In order to guarantee a little more privacy in the sleeping area, one uses a half-high shelf as a room divider. However, the perfect screen is provided by the flexible screen.

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Rustic elegance

Few furniture, but a lot of style you put in this bedroom in the attic. Here every element makes a statement - be it the massive wooden frame of the bed, the glossy, black dresser or the floor-to-ceiling mirror cabinet. All in all, you play skillfully with different materials to create a unique ambience. 

How to get more out of a room with the right positioning of furniture, we reveal in the article placing furniture like a professional.

Practically furnished

This space is designed to be significantly more functional under the attic floor: the sleeping area and workplace are combined to make the most efficient use of the space. A tailor-made shelf below the lowest point of the roof serves as a shelf for a number of books. But of course, this should not be forgotten. Therefore, an extra large bed invites you to linger and relax.

Minimalism in its most beautiful form

A wooden floor is particularly suitable for the extension of the attic, because it gives a room warmth and comfort. In addition, it offers the perfect basis for all furnishing styles. Combined with white furniture and textiles, you can instantly create a magical Scandinavian-style ambience. A little variety was created here with two different types and sizes of wood.

Sunbathing area under the roof

In this attic of an old building one met an old childhood dream: a lawn for sunbathing. With this trick, even the smallest loft can be converted into a comfortable bedroom - if the mattresses are big and soft enough. So that the area does not seem to be too overwhelming, painted the walls a refreshing light blue.

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