Practical ideas for overnight guests

Especially at Christmas time the whole family comes together. The house is filled with happy laughter and the smell of Christmas.
But certainly some family members have a long journey behind them and therefore want to stay overnight. The question is, of course, where the sleep visit
should be housed. If you own a guest room, you can have two
Accommodate persons. But what about Grandma, the cousin and her two children?
To offer the grandmother an air mattress on the floor is not good
and above all, not a very polite idea. For this short time should the
Household a little reorganized: it must be a lot
Sleeps ago. During adult sleep, something like
Privacy, all children can be accommodated in one room. We
would like to introduce you to some clever ways today, as you yours
Guests can accommodate. So is a harmonious Christmas and a
happy morning breakfast the next morning, nothing in the way.

A guest room

A guest room is always a sensible consideration, if the size of the house or apartment allows it. Even small rooms can with
a comfortable bed and a small chest of drawers are fitted to the
Sense of a guest room. A neutral wall paint, a beautiful,
framed picture over the bed and a bedside lamp become with one
Houseplant and a cuddly bedspread combined - and that's it
perfect guest rooms. If you want to warmly welcome your visit, you can
bring a little Christmas spirit into the room. A scented candle with
Cinnamon-orange flavor, a string of lights or a little Christmas celebration on
The chest of drawers will guarantee a smile on your lips. 

Who no
Extra space for a guest room vacant could be considered
Equipped study with a sofa bed, which unfolded when needed
can be. There are now many high quality models that
not only look great, but also back-friendly and comfortable. A sofa bed, crisp linens and fluffy pillows can be made from yours
Workrooms make the perfect two-in-one solution. A developed one
Attic is also ideal as a guest area. The sloping walls
provide a cozy atmosphere and a cozy atmosphere. How you can make a guest room and thus a bedroom particularly comfortable, you will learn in this book of ideas.

A big sofa in the living room

The couch in the living room may sometimes sound a bit uncomfortable, but it is usually not at all. As long as the couch is long enough, offers
they accommodate a guest. In addition, this is almost the fastest
Solution: In no time, a sheet is stretched over the upholstery and one
Blanket and a pillow brought in place. Transformed within two minutes
the living room in the ideal guest room for everyone. Before you yours
Let grandmother sleep on the couch, you should think, her
Maybe you prefer to offer your bed and instead on the couch
sleep. The sample picture shows the sofa Solid Wave, the Karlsruhe
Furniture designer of Sophiedicated Living. Solid Wave not only convinced with his
enormous width and depth, but also with great extras. The size,
cuddly blanket and the throw pillows in modern trend colors are included
and can be chosen according to your taste in a variety of colors
become. With or without cover, this couch is a real eye-catcher and loads
for chilling and sleeping. Here you would like to be the guest, the vorlieb
needs to take with the sofa.

Are you looking for an architect?
Write us! We're here to help.

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A sofa to unfold

Who does not have enough space for a giant sofa with sleep function, can still opt for a model that too
a bed can be folded out. These are by no means uncomfortable and
unattractive, especially chic and comfortable. Many furniture stores offer sofas,
equipped with or without bed function. So you look the same
like a normal couch, but in a few simple steps into a generous
Sleeping area can be transformed for two people. The enormous selection of models,
Colors and materials allow everyone to find the ideal model.
Adapted to the design of your living room, sofa beds make of you
Perfect hosts and ensure a multifunctional living room. Here can
even the best friend spend the night, if it's just a glass of wine more
has become.

Armchair: Mobile and comfortable

A sleeper chair is the solution for those who want to integrate an extra sleeping space in a small room. The lying area
A sleeping chair usually accommodates one person and fits almost in
every little room. Folded up in the corner of your study, as
Reading chair in the living area or as a seat in the nursery - a sofa chair
is multifunctional and can also look stylish. That proves that
Model Sagano from Allnatura. The wide armchair made of futon and wood convinces with
its Asian charm and a wide choice of colors. In a jiffy can do so
a sleeping space can be created, on which even two people find space. This model and other great furniture with sleep function can be found in our furniture experts.

The bed without bed frame

You can not go wrong with a mattress on the floor. Placed in a cozy corner of your living room, will
the mattress in no time to a cozy guest bed. You always have to keep in mind
Keep your guests happy when they can save on hotel costs.
Nobody will complain if he has to sleep on a mattress and certainly not if he is lucky enough to sleep eve to spend the night. This mattress is characterized by its special support for the back and joints and promises a particularly restful sleep. And if it is temporarily no longer needed, it can even be stored in a protective cover in the basement
stored and brought up if necessary.

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