The big mucking: clearing made easy

Muck, clear out, clean up - often we push it long before us, home once again really radically to create order. there
It can be so liberating to get rid of old ballast and become attached to things
disconnect that you do not need anymore. That's not how we win
only more space, clarity and clarity, but also a big piece
Life quality. That's why today we have a little guide for you, like you
The fastest and most effective way to clear your home is - best of all
Room by room. Have fun mucking!


No matter if you are a fashion victim or a fashion lover - at some point we all get to the point where the wardrobe overflows and it's time to part with old clothes again. Ideally, you should make your closet twice a year and radically muck it out, the faster it gets and the more insight we keep. But how do we proceed?

1. Empty the cabinet. And completely!

2. Clean the cabinet.

3. Prepare two boxes, one with rubbish label and the other with Altkleidersammlung / Flea Market. With some of what we are cleaning up, maybe we can still make other people happy.

4. Take each piece of clothing separately and work through the following questionnaire:

- Did I wear the item at least once in the last 12 months?

- Is the garment still fully functional, or is it worth repairing? Broken seams, loose buttons, run-through soles, tears and Co., which we have not repaired in recent months, are a sign that the good part has actually served its purpose. 

- Does the garment fit yet? It is not worth picking up clothes that Definitely fit again when I finally lost those stupid five pounds. On the contrary, it is rather frustrating to have the wardrobe full of clothes that do not fit. Better off with it! 

 - Do I not hang this garment in a similar way in the cabinet? Nobody really needs eleven equally cut blue jeans or a whole drawer full of identical black shirts. 

- Is this part a very special one or a memento?

Can one all or most of these questions with a clear Yes! answer, allowed to pull the garment back into the closet. If not, it lands - depending on the condition - in the garbage or old clothes crate.


In the kitchen, a variety of things accumulate over time: on the one hand food and on the other kitchen utensils. Again, the respective cabinet is first cleared completely empty and then thoroughly cleaned. When it comes to food then everything once in the trash, which has already expired. The other things are sorted back in such a way that everything that lasts for a long time ends up in the back of the cupboard and pulls everything in front of it. Broken, double and useless electrical appliances and other utensils are disposed of, given away or sold depending on their condition.

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Welcome to paper hell! To clear out the study is a nightmare for many of us. Here too much too much accumulates too fast. Checks, invoices, bank statements, instructions for use, salary statements, certificates, documents, contracts ... Who does not drown at some point between piles of paper or despair looking for the one very important document, everything should be filed immediately as possible neatly or at least at regular intervals filing.

Even things like old CD-ROMs, expired calendars and cables of electrical appliances, which are no longer used, take away unnecessary space and cause disorder. So go away with it and you feel freed and reborn.


The bathroom seems to magically attract useless things and does not give them up so quickly. Of all the pots, pots, tubes and jars that we hoard in the bathroom, we probably do not even need half. So it's high time for an enragement action. As in all other rooms, shelves, cupboards and chests of drawers will be completely emptied and thoroughly cleaned. Then we take every single nail polish, every lipstick, every little tube and every little pot in hand: Everything that has already exceeded its durability, mercilessly flies into the bin. The same applies to broken hair clips, worn out rubber bands, blunt razor blades and Co.

living room

The living room is the heart of the apartment and degenerates accordingly often and quickly to the storage area. Stop it! Now old magazines and magazines are being disposed of radically. You never look back in anyway anyway. Even book and CD shelves sometimes tolerate a check and are sorted out. Old dust collectors and useless knick knacks mercilessly in the garbage. In doing so, one can follow the maxim of William Morris: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe it's beautiful." And in doubt: get away with it! Getting rid of unnecessary ballast can be incredibly liberating and a tidy living room is good for body and soul.

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