20 modern, simple and fabulous kitchens!

We may have heard it more than a thousand times and yet it is true at 1001. At least the same as the first time: the kitchen is the warm heart of every home. Start the day together tomorrow. Sitting together at a luncheon or dinner, talking about the things that move us. Clearly, the kitchen is so much more than just the functional space between the worktop, stove and dining area. However, the kitchen space is not always as generous as one would wish for. But today you will experience that it does not matter at all, big or small, because: a modern kitchen with a great design does not require a large area at all. Important is only the design - and of course your personal decor touch. Are you ready for 20 simple but exceptionally good design ideas for your kitchen? Then let's get started immediately!

2. Perfect division thanks to multifunction counter

A true masterpiece in kitchen planning, which we can pay our tribute next. The precious wood with its red tint is loosened almost playfully by the mosaic wall in the work area and makes the entire room appear inviting. Also very crucial for the open feeling of space is the multifunction counter. It not only separates the kitchen area optically, but also offers additional storage space in addition to a storage area - hidden in the base! A really clever solution!

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3. Minimalism in black and red

This minimalist kitchen has everything the heart of a home needs - despite the apparent tightness. The shift of the dining area to the opposite side of the counter results in a surprisingly coherent room layout that you do not get to see every day. Of course, this example stands out because of its minimalist colors. The timeless black is challenged by the challenging red of the cabinet fronts and the smart décor, without masking the design idea. A good example of how a minimalist kitchen with a strong color contrast can harmonize wonderfully.

4. Natural wood for modern warmth

The design of this kitchen is clear and definite - some might even say: Scandinavian classic. The horizontal lines of the device in combination with the modern bright work surface. Minimal appeal, but only through the use of the natural material wood receives the modern warmth that needs the warm center of the house. Great feature: The stove in the central island. This leaves more work space on the kitchen unit.

5th Alternative for the countertop: granite

Many countertops are either made of wood or like made of modern plastic. Micro-concrete is also becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchen spaces. But a true classic is and remains a stone. In this case, it is the particularly robust granite. Surrounded by fine woods, it comes here particularly well. In general, granite can tolerate a warm environment that knows how to balance its cool and functional mind. By the way: Elongated steel handles are great for both, namely dark cabinet fronts as well as cool worktops.

6th The workspace in mosaic look

Wherever sliced, cooked and sometimes washed off, it is of course essential to use easy-to-clean surfaces. How else should a kitchen be the center of our home for a long time? In addition to tiles and washable wall paints, there is another alternative: mosaic walls. At least as easy to clean as its counterpart the ceramic tile, but much filigree worked. Its square look also allows for original and unexpected color gradients. This makes them the perfect element to bring some color into the elegant kitchen.

7th Different shades for the wall unit

The design of this kitchen combines surfaces in two different shades of wood to create more dynamic space throughout the room. Especially holistically designed walls, as in this case the wall unit, benefit enormously from such a color combination. In addition, different areas can be visually separated - and thus bring more structure into the room. Modern, minimalist and a really effective twist in kitchen design.

8th Natural stone: warm touch for white kitchens

The color white is not only a timeless classic in the bathroom, but is also extremely popular in the kitchen. It exudes cleanliness, looks friendly and makes especially small kitchen spaces appear optically larger. The perfect all-rounder. Not only the great natural stone floor, but also the darkly set worktops provide for the warm, personal touch. A good example, as well as the floor of a kitchen is an important design area that should not be underestimated.

9th Country kitchen in mini format

Once again, this sweet kitchen shows that great design does not need much space at all. The fronts in the country house style are set visually well by the colored Bodüre. On the one hand clearly functional, you can on the other hand, the timeless decor difficult to escape. Nice detail: The milk-glazed wall cabinet doors. They give the room a certain lightness.

10th Classic elegance with flagstone and center island

For lovers of classic elegance among us particularly interesting: the stone worktop. We have already experienced that the material granite represents a very good alternative here. In this example, the polished surface of the black granite is perfectly matched to the traditionally crafted cabinet fronts. The laying of the cooking area on the central island has also created a lot of work space, which gives the kitchen, despite the dark design elements, a touch of space.

11th A modern color contrast

The combination of red color elements and dark wood veneer creates an irresistible contrast that simply radiates playfulness, right? A modern piece of kitchen design, which knows how to convey clear structures thanks to the strong color contrasts. The stainless steel elements such as extractor fan and refrigerator also round off the modern claim skillfully. Did you actually notice how minimalist the kitchen is? Completely successful.

12th Set a great accent with light

How to deliberately stage minimalist kitchen design is something we see wonderfully in this example. While the cabinet fronts as well as the surfaces are designed uniformly, it is the light that sets the visual accents. The kitchen is a room that needs many sources of light anyway with its different areas. At the stove, for example, or at the work or dining area. For this purpose, LED strips are perfectly suitable. Flexible use and also cost-saving. Rarely has it been easier to create a great lighting scene.

13th Living kitchen design

The design in this kitchen has so many highlights that you do not even know where to start. The real highlight, of course, are the green wall cabinets. Abstract, modern and lively at the same time. The glossy surfaces of the black granite also support this impression enormously. Just fabulous! The wood and its warm veneer ground the room on its own and prove that this is where the heart of the house beats!

14th Romantic and elegant

This small kitchen has an extremely compact design, which is on the one hand very functional, but on the other hand, it is beautiful to look at. Especially the small details know to convince here. The cabinet handles smart are integrated into the fronts and, incidentally, create a uniform surface. The color-contrasting shelf also integrates wonderfully into the overall concept and offers space for additional decoration. A touch of romance blows through the kitchen. Now only a great dinner for two is missing, right?

15th Pure elegance: stone, wood and metal

Let's take a look together in this spectacular kitchen. Their combination of stone counter, dark wood and stainless steel not only creates a breathless classic design. It also acts like a magnet on every visitor. The perfect combination of timeless elements, functional furnishings and great decor. Who does not want to spend a nice hour here? Here you feel safe and secure.

16th Gently set color accents

Of course, the use of color in the kitchen always has to be well considered. With the help of an expert in wall design, however, every kitchen space finds its perfect color. This kitchen shows that the careful use of color can help to bring not only life into the room, but also a natural dynamic. The color red is also particularly suitable in combination with naturally light to golden wood tones. In other words: small redesign with a big impact.

17th Great alternative for the transparent kitchen

Who of us does not like to see at a glance what we call our own in the kitchen. The great dishes, the modern kitchen appliances or maybe the beautiful cooking pots. Of course this means that order is always in demand here. Chaos is the biggest enemy of any design. In this project we see a great compromise. On the one hand, clearly designed in the style of a transparent kitchen, we find great-looking storage baskets on the shelves. These not only create flexible storage space, but also hide one or the other untidiness. The perfect mix.

18th Red and White: Timelessly modern yet personal

Many modern kitchens prefer white cabinet fronts and even white floors to spread a certain timelessness as well as cleanliness. Who wants to renovate the kitchen every four years because it no longer suits the fashion of the moment? So white is always a wise choice. As a great addition, as we can see in this example, is not only black, but also the addition of the signal color red. This distracts skilfully from the neutral white and gives the room so a very personal touch.

19th Perfect proportions, great surfaces

Smart linear design with perfect proportions, great surfaces and incredible storage space. Many elements that we have already seen in other kitchens are used together here - and create a truly modern kitchen dream. Cool and yet elegant. By the way: The steel elements here are the very special detail that gives the room its personality. Overall, a kitchen with absolute wow factor!

20th Veneer mix for the modern corner kitchen

To conclude, let's take a look at this beautiful corner kitchen. The dark worktop of black granite grounds the room, but the real highlight is actually the cabinets. Their mix of different woods creates a whole own dynamic which attracts us almost magically. Warm, inviting and yet extremely modern. Great detail: The milk-glazed cupboard doors give an insight into what lies behind it. 

How even such a great highlight can succeed: 10 tips for your future dream kitchen! Have a look!

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