Kitchen extension planned? Become a designer yourself!

You have just moved and the kitchen is too small for you? Or the space in the kitchen just is not enough for you now, after you have arranged after a few years with it? Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: you need a new kitchen! This can of course be associated with a lot of expenses and an extremely large amount of work, but still a kitchen extension also means the result of a gourmet kitchen of the extra class!

Do you want to realize the kitchen of your dreams, where you like to cook, eat together and spend unforgettable hours with your family and friends? Then you are exactly right here, because we show you what you should pay attention to, if you are planning to expand your kitchen. Which ideas can you realize in any case and what can you afford? We'll tell you how to find that out and help you personally become the designer of your advanced kitchen!

Decide on a layout & design

If you have a very small kitchen, you should make friends with a renovation right away to realize your planned kitchen extension. Depending on the available space, this can be a very simple action or take a little more time. Kitchen extension is usually only possible by removing walls that severely restrict the space of the kitchen. 

Here you have to consider whether the wall you want to remove is load bearing or not. Non-load-bearing walls can be easily removed, but to help you spot them, you should consult with an interior designer who will not only show you the load-bearing walls in your home, but will also provide many more planning ideas on how to grow your kitchen , If you would like to try your hand at the conversion, you should definitely get the original plans of your house. Here you will see exactly which walls were confiscated only for separation and which not. 

Draw to get your ideas!

Now that you have an overview of the exact dimensions and load-bearing walls in your kitchen, you can start creating the new design. So that you can imagine everything well, it is important that you work with paper and pen and draw directly what you think. Of course, you do not have to be a trained interior designer for this type of planning, it's more about finding ideas and finding more inspiration. And do not necessarily cling to just one layout! Rather, try to consider numerous options and draw them. What is most important to you in the kitchen? Which elements must not be missing? What makes dinner so special in your current kitchen? Which details should not be changed? 

Especially families should also think well about available storage space. A pantry is an optimal way to accommodate purchases for the entire week, but tall cabinets and shelves can also provide enough space to stow away all the groceries. Get advice from experts, leaf through magazines, and click through online blogs. So you get a sense of what is possible and easy to do and what not!

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Think in millimeters!

The dimensions in your new kitchen are crucial. Therefore, you should plan with great attention to detail and carefully measure whether there will also be enough space for the most important things in your kitchen. Important are the storage areas for food, but also pots, kitchen appliances & Co. must find a permanent place in your extended kitchen and be easily accessible for everyday use. 

The average kitchen is mostly used for cooking and preparing all meals, but there should also be a place for a family breakfast or a quick lunch. Highly recommended is a modern kitchen island, which offers space for preparing all meals and food. If you also wash your laundry in the kitchen because there is a washing machine connection, you should also consider that you have a place for laundry detergent & Co. in the kitchen needs. Measure everything carefully and be careful. Because even smaller mistakes can be fatal in the eventual realization of a kitchen enlargement.

To realize an open living feeling

Open living spaces have become increasingly popular in recent decades and are characterized by modern and innovative concepts in terms of furnishings and design. It is a refreshing and inviting feeling when the kitchen is connected to both the dining area and the living room. Particularly suitable is the concept of an open kitchen for families, because it is possible that the family spends time together and sometimes each family member can easily pursue his own activities, if necessary.

The open living concept is a very communicative solution and is the most beautiful, if in the kitchen and living area large windows are present, which provide brightness. And if a large dinner with many relatives takes place, this possibility is the best way to use the space in the living and dining area for preparations and for subsequent dining and celebrating clever.

Do not be afraid of walls!

If you live in a very old house, the rooms are certainly rather small and not cut so favorably. Of course this presents you with big problems if you want to expand your kitchen. In this case, you should not be afraid to remove unnecessary walls to provide enough space in your new kitchen.

The open living concept can only be realized if you are ready to put new ideas into action and you will see - a kitchen like in the picture above provides a completely new, enjoyable lifestyle!

Admire the finished design

Congratulation! You have done it and planned a new kitchen design. Now she is just getting started to initiate all further planning steps and to discuss with an interior designer exactly what the renovation will look like. Remember that you take your drawings and all the other inspirations from the Internet or magazines to the first appointment, so you can show the expert directly what you imagine exactly. Interior architects can point you in the conversation to problems that you have not noticed and develop together with you solutions to realize your dream kitchen. In addition, you often get a 3D model of your extended kitchen - which increases the anticipation!

The kitchen is at the heart of every home and that's why you should try to make a change if you are not completely satisfied right now. Plan your budget, measure the size of the room and eliminate unnecessary walls - nothing stands in the way of your new, spacious kitchen!

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