Charming house in modern cottage style

The country style is not what it used to be. What one would have described earlier as rather stylish than stylish, presented
Fresh, modern and absolutely inspiring today. No trace of dark
Solid wood cabinet walls, overflowing flourishes and dusty flair. Also
the name has changed. Instead of country house, we mostly talk about today
Country style, because the modern interpretation is very oriented to the whole
special charm of English cottages. A charming example house made by Studio
was designed, we brought you today.

exterior view

Horizontal woodwork in bright white determines the appearance of the detached house from the outside. This striking detail is complemented by light gray plaster and picturesque lattice windows. The ground floor opens in numerous places with large glass doors to the idyllic outdoor area, making it a seamless extension of the interior.


The kitchen is exactly what we imagine under a modern country-style kitchen. Here, too, fresh white and light gray are in the focus, the formal language is reduced and the modern stainless steel appliances bring a very contemporary language into play. These noble marble surfaces add a touch of luxury and the cabinet fronts create a balance between romantic country house flair and modern design.

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Guest bathroom

The bathrooms of the house consistently continue the mix of contemporary purism and rustic cottage charm. Like all rooms, they are defined by white and light gray and are based on high-quality materials and natural details.


A real highlight in the living area is this fireplace, which on the one hand is very traditional and rustic, but on the other hand a popular detail of modern fireplace design takes up and was glazed on two sides. Thus, the flames play from both rooms can be seen and it creates an airy, spacious feeling.

Guest room

Finally, we look in the guest room over, or rather in the room, which should be the guest room. So far, all furniture is missing except the large fitted wardrobes, but you still get a very nice impression of how the dormitories generally look in the family house. Here, too, the interior designers focused on bright, neutral colors, on a cozy carpet and the view directly into the green. It is not more idyllic and relaxed.

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