Cheap family homes – 7 beautiful examples for every budget

Many of us are looking for the family house of their dreams at any time of their lives. But sometimes these dreams seem to fail in reality - for example, by the associated costs. This need not be. No matter if we are up
Looking for a home in a classic or very contemporary style are:
There are quite single family homes that fit every budget - if you
because a few criteria are observed. We have put together seven interesting house species for you. 

1. A house for the whole family ...

Sometimes we look for a single-family home, but overlook buildings that do not even come across as such. These include sheds, small barns or attachments for larger vehicles or
Trailers, sometimes cowsheds. Such premises are often found in rural areas, usually together with large land. Such buildings
can certainly offer a possibility in the context of a refurbishment
To become a family house. With the right insulation, a well insulated roof, foundation and
This is no second class home anymore. 

... and a charming living room

Such rudimentary buildings have a decisive advantage. Opposite existing houses with already created room structure
we have countless possibilities of design here. Be careful
should, however, the question of a solid foundation for such
Buildings so you will not experience any bad surprises later.

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2. A house made of clay and straw

Let's look at another building, which may come at a lower cost. For the cladding and insulation of houses, other countries often use very different materials than we do, for example straw or clay. The wooden skeleton in this building was also insulated with clay and straw. For example, what we still often find in Germany are buildings with beamed ceilings. At that time, as insulation, ash, straw or old paper was used, which is only visible as part of a renovation 

Authentic and cozy

Such existing old buildings bring with them what no new building can have: charm and authenticity from the time of the edification. There
The plastered walls may sometimes be crooked or the walls a bit crooked
Its all very charming for such houses.

3. Houses made of wood

Another example of cheap buildings are wooden model houses. Depending on the occasion, they can be constructed with or without foundations, but are usually more suitable as a holiday home or additional living space in the garden. Depending on the model, these houses may only have a living space inside, but sometimes have several rooms or small outdoor terraces. Especially in rural areas we find many such wooden houses, for example in the mountains. These are then usually a combination of stone and wood construction.  

Living space as in the wild

In such a house we are already very close to nature. But as we can see, there is everything we need in this house. In addition to the living room can be found in a corner even room for a large double bed. And a small bathroom is also available here. Because there are almost no interior walls, the wooden house is well supplied with daylight by the existing windows. 

4. Family houses in XS format

The next example we want to introduce is a classic single-family home that is small but big enough for a family. Straightforward structures and materials ensure that the Kosen are not driven up here. In order to save costs, the installation of windows was also omitted on the roof side facing the street. For the optics, this is not a problem, rather the opposite is the case. Because of the large roof area, the house gets a quiet atmosphere. 

Large living spaces for small houses

Here, too, the architects have set a principle: many rooms do not do well for small houses. Because this will inevitably make the rooms even smaller. If you want to build small, you should better create a few large living spaces that combine many functions in one room. In any case, the combined rooms of living, eating and cooking are better suited to the contemporary thinking and life of today's families. 

5. Contemporary family house

This house has extravagance although it is not expensive at all. Because the building is based on a solid, but very simple structure and associated dimensions. What makes it an eye-catcher is undoubtedly the gray aluminum panels that clad the façade. And also the entrance way comes with its concrete slab simple, but infinitely modern therefore.

The interior: cleverly solved!

The entrance to this house is really spacious. Here even a large locker fits on the right side of the wall. Cleverly solved in this house are the transitions to other living areas. To the left is, for example, directly a bar that belongs to the kitchen, which has found its place in the left niche.

6. Houses made of natural stone

Existing stone houses are mainly found in rural areas. And the buildings, which were built with large natural stone, make a wonderfully rustic and cozy impression. Especially through the combination with wooden elements fits such a house, which in our case is two storeys, as if molded into such a landscape. 

Rustic atmosphere

Inside, too, the house captivates with its rustic charm. Dominant material here is the original wooden framework, which is completely exposed. Anyone looking for plastered walls or ceilings is out of place here. 

7. Modern and minimalist

We end our today's tour with a family house, which is modern and almost minimalist. Modern windows, a roof without overhang and a reduced appearance of the thermally insulated white facade give the building a very calm modern impression. Color contrast that is trendy: The white facade and the dark gray windows, doors and roof tiles. Nevertheless, even this house is very solid and simply drawn in its basic dimensions. 

The master bedroom

Also inside, we see the quiet and straightforward look of the rooms, which makes the architecture simple but beautiful. White plastered rooms are a beautiful contrast with the wooden floor. To achieve maximum uniformity, the plastic windows are also white from the inside. 

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