21 super easy cleaning tips for your home

Sure, we all can think of nicer things than cleaning, but sometimes it just has to be. So that the procedure as fast as
possible, our four walls are radiantly clean for as long as possible
stay and even more stubborn, hidden dirt no chance
Today, we have 21 extremely simple and super-effective tips and tips for you
Brought tricks.


1. A solid weekly cleaning plan brings structure and facilitates the overview.

2. With lime soaked in vinegar, her limescale deposits on kitchen and bathroom faucets are fighting.

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3. Bath mats should once a week in the washing machine!

4. Clean the bristles of all brushes with soap to kill bacteria.

5. A corked bath will help against clogged shower heads overnight.

6. Clean the microwave with freshly boiled lemon water - and it looks like new!

7. Glass surfaces on cooking plates are super clean with baking soda and damp cloths.

8. Blankets and pillows should be thoroughly washed every half a year to remove dead skin and prevent mites from getting into bed.

9. For a fresh, pleasant scent in the bedroom, sprinkle the mattress with a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil.

10. Not only carpets should be vacuumed regularly, also your curtains you can keep clean between two washes with the hand vacuum cleaner.

11. Baking soda helps against the musty smell of upholstered furniture. Simply dust the sofa evenly with it, let it work for a few minutes and then vacuum it thoroughly.

12. Fabric lampshades are cleaned with a lint brush in no time.

13. Coffee filters are ideal as anti-static cleaning rags for coarser dust and dirt on electrical appliances.

14. When the fire in the open fireplace has extinguished, the (cooled) ash should be completely removed to prevent it from covering furniture and surfaces in the room with a fine layer of dust.

15. Dirt accumulates on the covers of ventilation systems. To remove it, unscrew the cover and chase once through the dishwasher.

16. Blinds and blinds are really annoying to clean. Our tip: With microfibre cloths between a pair of kitchen tongs, the whole thing is super fast and super easy.

17. Even though we can easily keep carpets clean with our vacuum cleaners today, experts recommend the tried-and-true air freshener at least once a year. So it's really deep-seated dust and dirt on the collar.

18. Wax stains on tablecloths, upholstered furniture or carpets can be easily removed with blotting paper and an iron.

19. The computer keyboard is a true dust collector and magically attracts other debris. Dandruff, food scraps and Co. should be removed once a week with a hand vacuum cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

20. In hallways where many shoes are at home, it can quickly smell unpleasant. For an always pleasant fragrance you provide by putting into your shoes once a week some foot powder.

21. The washing machine washes your clothes clean, but somehow they never smell 100% fresh? Then it's time for an empty wash at high temperature. Instead of washing powder give her colorless vinegar in the detergent compartment.

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