5 fresh spring colors

And bye, winter! The uncomfortable season with its darkness and cold is as good as behind us and it is high time, again
little color into the game or to bring the apartment. The soft pastel tones, which are very popular every year at the beginning of the spring,
we have already introduced you here. Today is something
brighter and stronger too: pull with these five fresh spring colors
instantly a good mood in your home.

1. turquoise blue

Turquoise reminds us of the last summer vacation and lets us dream of the next one. Accordingly, the color is perceived as liberating, soothing and soothing and, according to experts, stimulates imagination and spontaneity. The perfect color for a fresh start to spring! Our experts from TapetenStudio.de have this refreshing nuance on the non-woven wallpaper Penina Lake staged. By the way: A wall design in turquoise is particularly suitable for the bathroom or study.

2. sun yellow

There is probably no other color that we instinctively associate with cheerfulness, good mood and summer mood like a strong sun-yellow. A piece of furniture like this SALZIG sports stool in good mood yellow brings not only the environment to the radiance, but also us and our guests. Yellow creates a sunny atmosphere, cheers us up when we are tired or sad, it makes smaller rooms appear bigger and has a stimulating and invigorating effect. In addition, yellow is said to have a positive effect on memory and concentration and increase decision-making.

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3. orange

Just like yellow, a strong orange tone creates a cheerful atmosphere and radiates warmth and coziness. Orange stimulates not only our zest for life, but also appetite. It promotes impulsivity as well as communication and compassion and is supposed to help against depression, lethargy and melancholy. The perfect color for those who suffer from spring fatigue or who need a bit of inspiration after the long winter to gain momentum. With a piece of furniture in bright orange like this impressive dresser from Antique & Art Nermesan you can set wonderfully colorful accents - and not only in spring.

4. Pink

Pink is considered a typical women's and girl's color, but can, properly used and well-dosed, quite super modern, cool and stylish effect. Although it is a very intense and bright color, Pink has a calming and soothing effect on us, scares and promotes sympathy and affection. Of the Number Eight Side table from Four Sides is definitely a super cool eye-catcher, which causes a furore in every home and immediately beats even the slightest hint of bad mood.

5. Lime green

A typical spring color, which immediately enriches every room with its fresh appearance and makes it fit for the warm season, is lime green. This lively, cheerful tone must certainly not be missing in our multiplication tables of the fresh spring colors. It looks energetic, inspiring and fresh like the young leaf shoots in the spring and signaled in our four walls exactly the wake-up call from the hibernation, which we so badly need now. How about, for example, the cheerful ball lights of koziol?

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