How do I set up a small living room best?

The living room is the most important place in our home. Here we want to spend cozy evenings with our friends or enjoy our time on rainy Sundays. If you have a small living room, you do not have to do without comfort anymore. Here are a few great tips and design ideas summarized to help you to use your place as beneficial as possible.

Small but nice

This photo shows a small living room which, despite its small size, is cozy and inviting. The bright walls make the small room look bigger and are ideal for furnishing. Under the multifunctional side table and in the sideboard is enough storage space for everything that should not necessarily lie around: tealights, magazines, DVDs and similar small parts. If guests are expected, the side table can be transformed into a seat.

Cozy sitting areas

What is missing in a living room by no means is a cozy sitting area. For anyone who has no room for a sofa, the comfortable armchairs from our homify expert Politura would be just the thing. The Polish armchairs from the 1960s were extensively restored and covered with new, high-quality fabrics. They are available in several colors and can even be personalized on request. Whether standing alone or in combination with a color-coordinated sofa - the Politura armchairs are a great eye-catcher and fit into any small living room

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Color accents for the right mood

Color accents in warm colors make a small living room really cozy. Since gaudy colors on the walls should rather be avoided, this is a great opportunity to include your favorite color in the design. In small rooms, the proportion of light colors should predominate, so as not to appear too thin and cramped. Who has chosen his furniture in darker colors, should therefore make the walls in a light color.

Fresh wind through new textiles

Textiles such as pillows, curtains and blankets can have a great effect in a small living room. Here we see a colorful, fresh variant, in which the colors of the pillows are picked up in the curtain. So the overall picture looks harmonious and harmonious. The small seating area is rounded off by a floor cushion on which it can make spontaneous visit cozy.

Living under the roof

If you are restricted in your creativity due to a sloping roof, you can make the most of your space with this interior design idea. The residential area has just been lowered one floor and offers enough space for friends and family. So you can lean against the sloping wall, without wasting too much space.

Storage space for a clear line

The smaller a room is, the sooner it looks bumpy when there are too many things lying around. To achieve a clear line we need a lot of storage space. Shelves above the TV, a beautiful TV dresser and a matching showcase make for a nice ambience and offer plenty of space. Books and home accessories look very decorative on the shelves, while unwanted items such as cables disappear behind the TV bank.

A bookshelf with a difference

This special bookcase is placed over the corner and offers, even in a small living room, enough storage space for every bookworm. In order to make the construction of the books calmer, the books can be arranged according to color and size. For example, the shelf can be used as a transition between living and dining areas. With decorative elements such as small figures, picture frames or indoor plants, the structure can be loosened up.

The living wall - the storage space miracle

Living walls unfortunately have a bad reputation. We imagine most of the nasty monsters that have been with our grandparents in the living room since the beginning of time. But a wall unit made of white or light wood looks really great, can be made in any size and fits in any small living room. In addition to a TV and beautiful souvenir photos, the Visible find in the upper area, we let in the lower part of everything disappear, which bother us in our small living room.

Nice home accessories

Beautiful home accessories should not be missing in a small living room. Throw pillows and a matching blanket made of soft material make the sofa extra cuddly. Noble lanterns on the coffee table provide cozy light and can be lit in the evening instead of the ceiling lighting. A great idea for a small living room is a cozy stool that can be used as a coffee table with the help of a beautiful tablet. If guests are invited, this can simply be placed decoratively in the kitchen or on the dining table. When buying a stool, it is advantageous if storage space is still hidden in the piece of furniture.

A photo wall gives personality

The beauty of our own home is that how they can arrange as we like. As we all know, we can argue about taste, but photos and pictures of our loved ones should not be missing in any small living room. They remind us of beautiful days and give our Empire a personal touch. A photo wall can be designed according to his taste and let his creativity run free. Beautiful, cheap picture frames can be found in every popular decoration shop.

Wall decoration in 3D

This beautiful decoration idea fits on small walls. It is an alternative to photos or a painting and can easily be made by yourself. You can of course choose a color or another shape that you like better. Of course, the color should match the decor, so that your small living room can become a harmonious oasis of well-being.

Patterned wallpaper as a highlight

A pattern wallpaper can also be a great highlight in a small living room. Here, however, the motto applies less is more. This means that the wallpaper should only be attached to a wall. Since the TV is most opposite the sofa or armchair, we recommend that you place the pattern wallpaper behind the seating. So you will be less distracted while watching TV and the wallpaper can look better. When buying a pattern wallpaper, the so-called rapport get noticed. The wallpaper repeat refers to the recurrent pattern of a wallpaper. Pay attention in the hardware store or in the online shop that you enough wallpaper wallpaper plans for your wall height. This will ensure that the patterns on the adhesive strip fit perfectly and you have enough material to complete your project.

Unusual wall decoration

This crazy watch is a very special wall decoration. For anyone who always wants to keep an eye on the time, it makes sense to use a clock as a wall decoration. Anyone who can not or does not want to afford an expensive designer watch can rest assured: wall clocks are now available in a wide range of price ranges, designs and colors. Also nice are the old station clocks it imitated to buy in many decoration shops. Those looking for other fancy deco items will surely find what they are looking for in this Ideabook.

How soil enlarges a room

Although the first glance in this photo falls on the beautiful, nine-piece artwork, I would also like to point out the importance of the soil. The elongated floorboards stretch the room and make it look bigger. If you want to lay parquet or laminate in your small living room, you should plan the joints lengthwise to the incidence of light. So you get the desired effect of the room magnification.

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