9 brilliant prefabricated houses, which you would not have expected

Prefabricated houses are becoming increasingly popular. What used to be called mass-produced today is characterized by an individual design as well as many other advantages. A special plus for a prefabricated house compared to a solid house is the short construction time. A prefabricated house usually consists of an industrially manufactured wooden construction, which can be mounted directly on site. Therefore, after a few months of preparation time, such a house is ready for occupancy shortly after construction. This so-called turnkey construction is becoming increasingly important in our fast-paced world. 

That prefabricated homes similar to architects' houses can be very well adapted to individual requirements, proving modern models with flat roof, houses in different styles or even the classic bungalow. In addition, modern prefabricated houses also meet the majority of energy-efficient standards.

The 9 prefabricated houses in this article show you what special features such a house can bring with it ...

1. Classic family house²

On a living space of 123 m² will be with this prefabricated family house of FingerHaus Dreams come true. This model is assigned to the compact class and convinces with its attractive and above all low-priced design. For the interior, a spacious and open living / dining area is provided, which is ideal as a central meeting place for a family of four. The technology is housed in a large utility room and even for a separate guest area with adjoining toilet is enough space in this house.

2. Large prefabricated house

The Rensch House GmbH guarantees spaciousness, openness and a sophisticated living ambience in its prefabricated houses. Thanks to an open floor plan and large, floor-to-ceiling windows, the interiors are bright and flooded with light. The house to be seen measures 67 m² and is - matching the loft-like character of the premises - equipped with a kitchen. From there you can access via a separate access to the single-storey flat roof cultivation.

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3. Individual prefabricated house

Designing your own home according to your own ideas is the wish of every client. With Living house you come one step closer to this goal. For example, the façade can be originally designed with wood or clinker, or you can opt for the classic version with plaster, which even makes smart color accents possible. Other custom-made details may include a portrait window design, a bay window, a balcony and a dormer. It is also possible to build a clever entrance roof or a carport that can be used for bicycles and cars as well as for summer barbecues. The houses of Living house are offered in the energy-efficient house and KfW Efficiency House 70 and 55 standards.

4th visit to the model house

If you decide for a prefabricated house, you have the advantage that you can visit a few designs ever as a model house. The enterprise SchwörerHaus is one of the pioneers of the prefabricated house industry and has distributed over 45 model houses in Germany and Switzerland. When visiting such a house, one can gain an impression of architectural possibilities, room sizes and equipment options.

In the prefabricated house exhibition Fellbach near Stuttgart you can discover this affordable and comfortable single-family house concept. The staggered pent roofs and a complete interior make impressive demands on modern, comfortable living.

5. Build in the Mediterranean style

Over 250 m² of living space is one of this design of the Finnscania log cabin factory to disposal. The building is reminiscent of a flat hipped roof and not least because of the large terrace and the impressive pool on a house that could also be well on the Mediterranean coast.

The construction was built in timber frame construction and provided with a noble plaster. The gleaming white façade blends well with the bright design of the outdoor area, clearly distinguishing it from any one-fifties / fifteen single-family home.

6. State-of-the-art detached house

In this model house called Valentino Imagine what it feels like to live at the highest level and with advanced technology. The construction company Budding house building developed the so-called Plus Energy House, which is able to generate more energy than it can consume. And this benefits in many ways: The surplus energy can be fed into the grid as green electricity, for example, and thus provides the residents with additional income.

A highlight of this prefabricated house is the atrium. The open-topped area is in the middle of the house and extends over two floors. It can be designed completely individually and ensures in any case for an extraordinary living atmosphere. The 182 m² flat roof construction is also equipped with intelligent home control.

7. Build fast and save money

According to Puschmann architecture the short construction time is one of the biggest advantages of a timber construction compared to solid construction. Due to the shortened construction period of about 5 months, a single-family house will receive a financing advantage of approx. 12,000 euros.

Therefore, the builders of this two-storey family home can be lucky. The building was built in timber frame construction on a solid base plate in the KfW 55 standard. Such a wooden house contributes actively to the climate protection, since it is made of a renewable raw material and this is also heat-insulating.

8. Massive prefabricated house

Speed, high precision through factory prefabrication, dry construction on the construction site, as well as an enormous economic efficiency with special quality and longevity - all these points characterize the so-called ICON-House of Dennert Massive House GmbH out. This is a fully solid building, in which additional emphasis was placed on the best fire and sound insulation and an optimal living environment. So this finished model is in no way inferior to a massive house.

The massive space modules are already ready-to-use and installed on the construction site on a single day. All production steps are carried out and controlled according to certified quality procedures. The available building services packages are certified by independent TÜV energy consultants.

9. Prefabricated house with lots of glass

When it comes to modern prefabricated houses, may HUF house not missing. The company is known for creating high-quality half-timbered architecture from prefabricated components. Light-flooded rooms and a natural lifestyle are a hallmark of HOOF Houses. 

This generously glazed timbered house has a total living area of ​​349.72 m². The cleverly constructed top floor alone offers a surprisingly large living space of 113.4 m², which can be used, for example, to set up a guest area. All the rooms are flowing into each other, which increases the quality of living enormously.

If you can not wait to start planning your personal dream home, you can contact our architects or contractors directly.

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