Inspirations for a cool ceiling design

A cool ceiling design you can realize in very different ways. A great variety with materials
and opportunities await you as you develop individual concepts
would like and install this impressively in your rooms. in this connection
you can give free rein to your imagination and everything
experiment with what you like. Uses fabrics and cloths to
designing imaginative installations or accessing technical aids,
which allow you a tasteful and impressive room lighting.
In any case, make sure that your own ideas with the furniture
as well as the wall design harmonize. Contrasts can be very impressive,
But should cause no chaos, but variety in the premises
bring. Capture impressions and use them as inspiration before you
decides on a style of design.

1. wooden beams

Wooden beams are the classics when it comes to sophisticated ceiling design. They offer a diverse look and set accents. Depending on the furnishing style wooden beams can be very rustic
act, create a country house effect or a Scandinavian decor style
round. Often the color of the wood is crucial, which ultimately
But not only visually wooden beams offer advantages. Also
technically convince wooden beams with their advantages. They allow one
easier installation of additional accessories. The effort for
Beautification effects are reduced to a minimum as no dowels are used
must be because in wood simply screws can be turned into it. But
Also, the design can be customized, if you change the style
wishes. In such a case, simply repaint the wood elements

2. Fabrics and towels

Fabrics and towels create impressive effects on ceilings in smaller and larger rooms. Especially bedrooms
are often decorated with a blanket design made of cloths and fabrics.
However, the term "substances" is not always literal when it comes to the
individual and extraordinary realization of ideas goes.

Really sophisticated ceiling designs can be made from one
lightweight construction consist of struts, each of which strut than
Part of a framework can be considered. Alternatively, to wood, you can
also to grab towels. You can choose these in different colors
or apply substances with patterns. In any case, such a
Construction can be illuminated impressively, turning the entire room into one
imaginative atmosphere is dipped.

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3. Transition bars

The ceiling design has an influence on the overall effect of a room. Accordingly, the design should also be planned
be carried out and completed. It does not matter if the
Ceiling is suspended or merely clad. Even if you have ceiling painting
or the decoration with ornaments should consider, it comes
especially on trifles, so that the effect will follow
can unfold completely.

The beautification of ceilings can be done with moldings
be rounded off particularly harmoniously. Moldings allow gentle
Transitions so that no disturbing edge disturbs the image of the room. you
are easily inserted in the angles between ceiling and wall. With little
Effort you receive by this measure a gentle conclusion of your
Ceiling and a soft transition to the wall of the room.

4. Artistic design

A tasteful ceiling does not always have to be one
suspended ceiling and indirect lighting. your
can incorporate unusual and artistic ideas into the ceiling.

Of course, you should note that the effort is appropriate
can be high. A mosaic on the ceiling with backlit lighting,
requires not only patience, but also manual skills. If you are
It is wise to anticipate such unusual ideas
to inquire about the materials used for such projects
can. At Mosaik, everyone usually thinks of glass first. But also
Plexiglas can be used for realization. This is characterized by a
particularly low weight and can be purchased in different colors
become. If the desired colors are not available, this can be
Fix deficit with colored films.

5. Set color accents

You do not always have to go to great lengths to promote the impact of your home. With some creativity and a little color as well
Accessories can be impressive effects. Use that
Possibilities that your interior offers you. Especially a harmonious
Interior design allows a great diversity with possibilities that strong
Allow contrasts.

The consideration of the design and style of yours
Interior design is an integral part of your planning
Ceiling design. With soft colors on the ceiling, rooms can be calmed and in
To be brought in line with the furniture. If you are "brave," you move
colored lines along the ceiling. They initially look like half-timbered elements
and include a strong contrast, which is in the foreground of the room
urges. An imposing effect unfolds when the viewer enters the room

6. Lighting

Lamps and lights not only serve an effective illumination, but can be used as accessories of a tasteful
Ceiling design to be considered. But if you like classic ceiling lamps
You want to refrain from a tasteful ceiling lighting
indirect and direct consideration.

To realize an atmospheric room lighting, must
her the appropriate ceiling, at least partially, depend. A direct one
Lighting can be realized by installing LEDs.
An indirect lighting can be mounted over the suspended ceiling,
which indirectly illuminates the walls and for a cozy atmosphere in the room
ensures and creates impressive visual effects.

7. Dress the blanket

Dressing the blanket always makes sense if the room seems too average for you. In fact, the consideration may be with wood
to upgrade the room, pay off. Wood looks warm and cozy. It
gives the room a very special flair. This property is one of the
Reasons why wood for the covering of ceilings is very popular

But not only visually offers a disguised ceiling
huge benefits. Also from a technical point of view offers a ceiling cladding
numerous additional options. This means for you that you are in the
Room design gets more flexibility. If you do not disguise your disguise
installed directly on the ceiling, but initially installed a support,
you get a gap. You can use this for wiring one
use indirect lighting or to install an air conditioner or
Ventilation. All additional installations would be invisible to the viewer.
The pure cover of the blanket ensures that you have an optical
Room separation is obtained, which is especially for larger rooms with multifunctional
Use is very beneficial.

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