Green kitchen

These kitchens will make your neighbors and friends green with envy! Because a green kitchen is not only something special, but also very trendy! Not only out of fashion, but also from the interior, the spring-like color is indispensable. No wonder, the fresh clay stands for nature, for freshness and health. He also has a balancing and calming effect.

We'll show you today how versatile green is and how you can best integrate the sound into your cooking area. Betting, you will soon be praised for your sense of the trend over the green clover?

Green storage space

The kitchen model pictured here is called Fresh And the name is program. Because the green tone provides for a refreshingly different storage space. So that beautiful piece from the house SCHMIDT really unmistakable, all surfaces were painted to a high gloss. 

For the traditional company, it is important to create a harmonious combination of originality, modernity and rigor. This creates in any case a balanced composition with a personal touch. And what could be more individual than a green kitchen?

Snow-white kitchen with green walls

In order for a beautiful kitchen equipment to shine, you need the right background. The magnolia white of this kitchen looks even brighter and fresher thanks to the muted, light olive tone on the walls. The silvery extractor fan appears almost like a decorative element thanks to its contrast with the bold colors of the walls.

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Green - a combination talent

Since the color green always has a strong relation to nature for humans, it is obvious to combine them with the natural material wood. Depending on which shades of green and wood you combine with each other, so very different styles. Dark, solid wood in combination with fir green, for example, will make your kitchen cozy and rustic in the blink of an eye. Bright woods and a squeaky green kitchen on the other hand look very modern and original. In the illustrated example, a timelessly elegant combination was chosen, which harmonises perfectly with the floor covering.

Green wall decoration

For all those of you who only want to set some accents in the kitchen with green, there are wall tattoos! These are easy to install and just as easy to replace. Combined with a culinary quote or saying, it rounds off every kitchen. If you opt for such bright colors, a classic kitchen like this fits perfectly here.

Green lighting

A green kitchen of a different kind is this model of Glass design Schenk. Because here comes the color kick of the RGB lighting in the skirting board.

But that is far from the only special feature of this dream kitchen. It also features a scratch-resistant worktop, a retractable apothecary cupboard that runs behind the refrigerator, and a countertop height that's perfectly tailored to the customer's needs.

Incidentally, the color of the lighting can be changed according to your wishes.

Green kitchen: complete look

A true eye candy is this green kitchen in a complete look. Because not only the wall, but also the built-in wardrobes and the kitchen island shine in the harmonizing color.

Incidentally, this family-owned company is responsible for this kitchen Gerber GmbH responsible, which was founded more than 125 years ago in Duisburg. The secret of their success? They attach importance to combining the traditional values ​​of their founders with new ideas and modern working techniques. This is how this great trend kitchen came into being.

Natural green

Even if you do not want to resort to brushes and the like, to dip your kitchen in a beautiful green or you simply do not like a green interior, the natural color can be integrated into the kitchen. Kitchen herbs and indoor plants are not only pretty to look at, but also extremely useful. In small baskets or beautiful tubs, they adapt perfectly to the prevailing furnishing style and are therefore a must-have for every kitchen.

Green country house kitchen

It does not always have to be white, even in green, rustic kitchens are simply adorable. This model of H.G.Kuse impresses with its pastel-green painted wardrobes. Worktops made of untreated wood provide the necessary contrast. With a few pretty tea towels and a flower vase, the rustic look is perfect.

You will find even more beautiful country house kitchens in this book of ideas: Country-style kitchens.

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