12 variants to decorate the walls with stone, so it looks fantastic

Those who want to give their own four walls an individual touch will find in natural stone the perfect material for an extraordinary wall design. Because
Each stone is equipped with its own color and pattern that makes it to
makes a unique. Whether the hall in the entrance area, the bathroom or as a highlight
in the living room - with a wall of natural stone you create a natural and
nevertheless stylish and elegant look for many rooms. You have always had one
dreamed of special wall design made of natural stone and looking for the right one
Inspiration? We found 12 fantastic ideas that make you want to
Immediately start with the beautification in your own home.

1. The perfect entrance

If you have a larger entrance area, think about integrating a natural stone wall. It will delight you and your guests every day, because when you enter the house, it creates a unique atmosphere. A bright stone, which can be combined perfectly with a modern interior, is particularly elegant.

2. So the bathroom becomes a personal wellness retreat!

The bathroom is the perfect place for a natural stone wall design. In our example, we see a small spa area, which receives a wonderful feel-good atmosphere through a stone wall. The highlight: The stone is provided with a fascinating texture, which is particularly beautiful through the light.

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3. A design that makes the wall unique

Instead of deciding on just one type of stone, you can choose different colors and shades, which then assemble on the wall to form a unique unit.

4. Create harmony

When you set out to find the perfect natural stone for your home, you should always look after the furnishings in the house or apartment. Do you have a bright interior, so it is also recommended to equip the wall with a gentle natural tone.

5. A wall of stone slabs

You can create a particularly beautiful and natural look with flagstones. In our example, several copies were layered on top of each other, creating a fascinating play of form and color.

6. Rustic beauty!

In this bathroom, a wall of dark stones has been combined with a simple wooden vanity, which together harmonize perfectly. Especially is the reflection that arises through the mirror.

7. The perfect symbiosis: stone and wood

There is hardly a nicer combination than wood and stone. In this example, the stone wall was provided with a passageway equipped with a high quality wooden frame. This gives the room a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

8. Natural charm for the bedroom

A modern bedroom receives a touch of naturalness in our example - thanks to the rustic stone wall. A special eye-catcher is the wall at the back of the bed. Through a beautiful play of light over the headboard, the wall design is impressively staged.

9. Unique stones full of individuality

We have already seen how beautifully flat natural stones work when they are stacked on top of each other. Also in this example the stone wall was combined with a passage of wood - a successful mix!

10. Dark colors for more elegance

Also, the wall next to the stairs is wonderful for a design with natural stone. In our example, the dark wood of the steps harmonises particularly well with the anthracite-colored stone.

11. An imposing entrance

A wonderful eye-catcher for the entrance area is this natural stone wall. It stretches from the inside of the house to the outside, thus combining both areas in an impressive way.

12. A partition of stone

In our last example, a wall of stone was used as a partition to divide different living areas. At the same time, it is an effective decoration that perfectly matches the dark wooden floor and the Mediterranean interior.

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