6 beautiful ideas for a garden path

The garden is the very personal feel-good paradise and for this reason should also be tailored to your personal preferences
be designed. The distribution, the colors and the plant species are becoming smaller
selected according to your taste and give the garden a special touch. The garden design is there, as well
in interior design, many different decoration means. One of them is the one
Garden path. This is, unlike thought, an essential design tool,
that not only visually structures the garden, but also a great one
practical value fulfilled. Whether in the bed, on the lawn, in the vegetable garden
or in the front garden - the garden path should be well thought out and suitable to the environment
be created. The material, the size and the routing also play
a big role and should be planned and implemented in a forward-looking manner. In this Ideabook we would like to explain to you
how to choose the ideal garden path for your outdoor area. So can
The new garden is already planned and will be implemented next spring.

Plan the way cleverly

The first question you have to ask yourself before you start planning your garden path, where you need the paths. need
her a way to the house? A way to the cellar exit at the side of the
House? a
Way to the back of the garden to get your compost or that
garden shed
to reach dry feet? It would be best if you have one
your garden makes and the route in different
Modifications tried. Should the access to your house be straight?
through a sweeping guidance nooks and crannies for a natural
Planting ready? The same goes for the back
larger part of your garden. In addition, of course, comes the style that you in
Want to implement garden. This should be as close to the house as possible
reach to achieve a coherent overall picture. Should it be
Be between herbal and rosary beds, the most enchanted
Character of the
Garden and the rural style of the house underlines? Or should the
Grass garden will be upgraded by a straightforward path that the
Form language of your modern new building takes up?

Select the right material

The material is next to the form of the second important part of the way, which determines not only the style, but also the longevity. While paths made of natural and clinker stone have a very long life, paths made of poured materials such as gravel or mulch must be renewed every one to two years. In addition, the question arises whether the route is used daily or rarely. The price of the materials should not be underestimated on a garden path, so you should plan and think carefully before you start the project. 

An access to the house as well as design garden paths should be made for practical and visual reasons from high-quality materials that must be selected to match home. A garden path made of red clinker bricks goes perfectly with a red stone house, while white natural stones match a white facade. The wood for a path made of wood planks should also be selected to match the house and pick up, for example, the wood color of the windows or the front door. In order to achieve a nice, consistent result, it is also worth considering the terrace and the area on the doorstep with the same or a same-colored material. In the following points we would like to introduce you to the most common materials a bit more ...

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Wooden discs and wooden planks

The use of wood is versatile and looks beautiful. While wooden discs, that is the cross section of a trunk, in
different sizes for an exciting and special design of the
Garden path, wooden planks can adapt to the particular style of the house
be adjusted. The variety of colors and grains make it easy to do that
to select suitable wood for your garden path. Impregnated material is also
very persistent and ensures a long-lasting garden path. What in any case
care must be taken that the wooden planks have a ridged surface
show, as it comes with moisture otherwise high risk of slipping
can. In addition: The beautiful garden paths made of wooden planks only last long,
if enough air circulation between the floor and the wood can take place. This means that the planks on a substructure made of strong, impregnated
Wooden beams must be attached to prevent the fouling of the material.


Clinker stone is as convincing as natural stone due to its easy cleaning and long service life. This type of pathway design is special
in houses made of brick or brick
a nice, suitable option, because not only the color, but also the
Material is picked up. In addition, to achieve some variety, can
beautiful patterns are laid, with symmetrical shapes and a quiet
Bribe design. Who wants to create a garden path, can hire an expert, who takes over the sweaty work. It is indeed
not so easy to create a stable, durable garden path, the
For several years gives pleasure and enhances your garden visually. loose
Path plates not only look ugly, they also mean slipping and sliding
Stumbling hazard - especially on rainy days.

Treadplates made of stone

Treadplates embedded in the turf provide a natural footpath. Depending on the taste, the plates in different
Distances are made to give your garden a wild character.
Between roses, lavender and other flowering beds come the footsteps
especially good. The only downside: not to strain the blades of the lawnmower too much,
The lawn must be cut around and between the boards with a pair of scissors

granite paving

The advantage of granite paving is that the rectilinear panels can be selected according to taste. This type of flooring
comes in many colors, sizes and shapes, so you're just right for
can choose your garden path. Granite patches are especially suitable for one
straightforward garden design, which should look modern and clear.

Gravel and bark mulch

Gravel and bark mulch are a nice way to implement garden paths quickly and effectively. Depending on the taste, the footbed
curved or straight shaped and then with the decorative material
be filled. The flooring prevents the spread of weeds and lasts about one to two years. With bark mulch however a little care is announced, since it with
Rain can be a bit smooth. Therefore, access to houses and paths should be at wind and
Weather often used, be designed with other materials.

natural stone

Natural stone is particularly beautiful with its bright colors and its natural form and is also
very easy to care for and long lasting. Who after the cold winter months with the
Spring cleaning starts, can be the garden path with some water and a hard one
Scrub the brush and let it shine in new splendor. Natural stones in
to get a uniform size and a smooth surface, is even
not so easy and, above all, not so gentle on the wallet.
Nevertheless, it's worth it, because they look great, last forever and set yours
Garden wonderful in scene. In addition to a beautiful garden path, there are of course many other ways to make your garden something very special. How to do that, you will learn in this book of ideas.

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