Design rooms with aquariums

On Aquarium is not only a habitat for fish, small animals and aquatic plants. It can also be exciting home accessory
and real artwork in the apartment serve that a very special atmosphere
creates and enriches every institution. We have a look at our experts
by Aquarium Architecture and some tips and ideas on the subject

Setting accents in the aquarium

Basically, one can decide in the design of his aquarium for two opposing looks - natural and artificial. While
the natural theme with stones, sponges, real plants, shells and
Corals imitating a natural underwater landscape, one can at the
artificial variant let his imagination run wild and, for example, with
colorful gravel, extravagant castles, statues and other decorative elements
Set accents.

Aquarium in the wall

If you want to save space and / or get a very special effect in the apartment, that can be Aquarium in the wall
integrate. This looks particularly stylish when it comes to a
Wall between two rooms. In this way you can, for example, both
from the kitchen as well as from the living room the hustle and bustle in the water tank

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Aquarium as a room divider

Aquariums are particularly popular room dividers because they divide a room into different areas in an original and lively way
pretty eye-catchers from all sides. However, you should do a few things
if you want to use an aquarium as a room divider:

1. Avoid direct sunlight, because with most
Fishing causes too much sun for stress and that in turn ensures that one
will not enjoy the animal for too long.

Second power connection concerns, because
the aquarium needs electricity and a power connection should be given if possible
be without causing stumbling blocks due to disruptive cables.

3. For one stable baseu worry. He has to do the later
Weight of aquarium can easily withstand.

4th Space around the aquarium Let it be convenient and easy to clean
can. It should be 30 centimeters as possible.

5. Set up the pool so that it really does nice from all sides
is to be considered. So you should consider which species of fish you have in the aquarium
want to set. Some species need numerous cave hiding places to themselves
Feeling comfortable and it is not always easy, this stone or root structures as possible
elegant to integrate.

Aquariums in restaurants

Many restaurant owners swear by an institution aquariums. Especially in Asian restaurants you will often find large pools
with exotic fish. No wonder: Such aquariums are not just pretty
Decorative elements, but also have a calming effect on the guests and give them
the possibility of distraction while they wait for food. Furthermore
Some noble fish in the pelvis serve as a status symbol.

Aquarium different

The aquarium does not always have to swim around with colorful fish exotics. If you prefer something more mysterious and individual,
Simply abandon fin fish and green aquatic plants and set
instead crabs and crabs in a barren aquarium landscape.

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