Christmas in Portugal

The third candle is already burning on the Advent wreath, so it is high time for another part of our international
Christmas series. Today it goes to Portugal. Even if the country in itself
small, the traditions, customs and habits vary
around the Christmas season from region to region and from family to family. But
Reflection and the desire for peace, health and peace are everywhere
Joy at the center. What the Portuguese especially at their Christmas
important, you can read here:

The tree and the crib

As in most countries, a festively decorated Christmas tree in Portugal is a must-have for festivals. How to decorate it is entirely up to you, but lights and bullets are standard in most families. The nativity scene is indispensable in Catholic-style Portugal in most living rooms, as it symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ and her important role in Christianity.

The big feast

Even when it comes to the big feast, Portugal hardly differs from other countries where Christmas is celebrated. The food is clearly one of the highlights of the celebrations and is accordingly celebrated. The whole family gathers at the table and there are traditional dishes such as bacalhau (cod), cod, turkey or octopus. Also different desserts are very high on the course on the Portuguese Christmas menu. A beautiful tradition is the Bolo Rei, the Christmas cake, which is decorated with candied fruits and nuts. In many families, a bean is baked into the dough and whoever finds it in his piece has to bake or procure the king cake next year.

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Traditional Christmas presents are traditionally held on the 24th of December at midnight. Considering small children and older family members, the gifts are often unpacked sooner or only in the morning of the next day. Either boots are placed in front of the fireplace, which Santa Claus fills or the Christ child puts the presents under the tree. Incidentally, self-made gifts that have a personal value and were made with love are particularly popular in Portugal.

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve is a festival that is celebrated in Portugal very large and extensive. Parades take place in many cities and huge fireworks are a matter of course. In addition, there are some customs and traditions that meticulously sustain many Portuguese, year after year, such as eating twelve grapes at the stroke of midnight and then listing twelve wishes - one for each month of the new year. Also the clothes play a big role at the Portuguese New Year. The color blue should bring happiness to the wearer in the coming year. On the first of January, the first bath in the sea will traditionally set in, bracing all the brave for possible obstacles and storms in the coming months.

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