The 30-day cleanup program: that’s how you make your home shine!

who knows
not that: you start with good intentions in the new year and decide
to finally change certain things. Maybe we want more regularly
Do some sports, eat healthier food or finally find the perfect program for a tidy and organized home. To you the latter
We have a fantastic 30 day cleanup program
It's easy to make a flawless step by step
Getting home. Best of all, if you go through the 30 days, you have that
Much more time for other things during the rest of the year. Here we go!

The kitchen

Day 1: Begin cleaning the microwave and oven and carefully remove any debris that has accumulated here!

Day 2: Now you take care of all appliances in the kitchen like the toaster, blender or the coffee machine. Again, carefully clean all areas and not forget the hidden niches.

Day 3: Now we dedicate ourselves to the cupboards: We start to wipe the doors and handles and of course clean the inside, too.

Day 4: Today is the perfect day to thoroughly clean your fridge.

Day 5: During the year, many ingredients accumulate that we may already have forgotten. Today, we check all the food and ingredients and separate ourselves from everything we no longer need or may have expired.

Day 6: Also the sink and the cabinet underneath want to be tidied up and start the new year clean - and of course do not forget the waste!

Day 7: Today we wash the walls and remove dirt and grease from the splash guard.

Day 8: The last day for cleaning the kitchen has arrived! We finish the cleaning in the kitchen with the cleaning of the hobs and work surfaces and then wipe again over the floor.

The bath

Day 9: We begin with the cupboards in the bathroom: Once over all surfaces and do not forget the surfaces inside!

Day 10: Now we review all medicines and personal care products and disconnect from any products we do not need or can no longer use.

Day 11: Cleans the shower, bath and the walls and curtains (Tip: most shower curtains can be cleaned in the washing machine!).

Day 12: Finally we clean the toilet and the bathroom mirror. Then we just have to wipe the floor - and the bath is ready!

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The bedroom

Day 13: In the bedroom, we start cleaning the mirrors and then we take care of the dirt that has accumulated on the windows. If you have curtains, you wash them best to rid them of any unpleasant odors.

Day 14: Now we come to the wardrobe! Here we sort all clothes and accessories. Everything we have not worn for six months or more should be sorted out. You can also organize your wardrobe according to colors or seasons to get a better overview.

Day 15: The bed should also be thoroughly cleaned once. For this purpose, we vacuum both sides of the mattress, wash the sheets with high temperature, to really eliminate all dirt leftovers.

Day 16: Even in the bedroom, we have to wipe the floor - and not forget the area under the furniture!

Day 17: Finally, we polish our furniture and clean any existing upholstery. Then we clean over the door once and also clean the door handles.

The living room

Day 18: Occasionally the pillows and sofa covers should be cleaned. You can do this in your own washing machine or (if you are unsure) hire an expert.

Day 19: You should also check your blankets for dirt and unpleasant odors and, if necessary, wash them.

Day 20: Dust collects on electronic devices like the TV or stereo. Go over all surfaces once the dust has disappeared.

Day 21: Today is the time to get rid of the mess! Go through all areas of the living room and remove everything you do not need or may not like!

Day 22: Wipe the floor and make sure to clean the area under the furniture as well.

Day 23: Free your walls and doors from dust and dirt.

Day 24: Finally we clean the windows and curtains.

The home office

Day 25: In the new year we would like to come to a clean and tidy study. For this we clean over the desk, the chairs and drawers. Then we sort documents and other documents - everything that is no longer used or needs to be lifted, comes in the trash!

Day 26: Wipe the shelves and then clean the floor.

Other rooms

Day 27: Turn on the cleaning program on your washing machine and remove your dryer. Then you wipe both machines through once.

Day 28: Take a pressure washer and clean the floor and furniture on the terrace.

Day 29: How about a cleaning program for the car? Removes all the things you no longer need and then uses a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. You can wipe off the fittings afterwards.

Day 30: The last day has dawned! Maybe you'll think we're crazy, but now it's time to clean up the cleaners again. After all, we do not want to find any old dirt here!

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