Plastic furniture for the garden

In the moment when we have to buy new garden furniture, the most important question is usually about which one Material chairs and tables for the garden should be best. And although it seems innumerable variants and forms for garden furniture In the end, we often come up with the question: Will I make furniture Wood, metal or plastic on my terrace

Plastic or plastic is reviled by many, but it is the material par excellence for the summer outside! And today we want to write a small ode to the good old plastic furniture! 

We find the well-known plastic furniture until today on the terraces and in the beach bars, where we find the meaning of the word paradise have learned; in the outdoor cinema, where we sat shyly with our first love and in the village fairs, where we had our first swings ... And only for this beautiful feeling of nostalgia we love plastic furniture! 

Despite this tender feeling for plastic furniture in us, we banish them mostly from our apartments and houses. Today we'll give a few reasons why Plastic furniture nevertheless are an optimal choice for the garden.


One of the biggest advantages of plastic chairs is that they can become one at the end: if they are not needed anymore, the chairs can always stack up in a corner, no matter how many. This detail may go unnoticed in the summer on the giant terrace, but at the latest in winter, when we have to stow the chairs in the basement or house, it proves again and again as an immense place advantage.


Mostly a lot better as wood or metal in the purchase, is plastic a good option if we have a limited budget. Especially if we need a lot of chairs to organize a garden party for example, plastic is a good choice: Low weight makes it easy to transport and the material is also very easy to clean.

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profane Plastic furniture With a little bit of creativity you can easily and quickly elegant armchairs become. A nice fabric cover,
a suitable bow - e voilá! - you have the whole room one
missed new style and can -
if the occasion demands it - even a very special one

Magic with plastic furniture conjure!

chill out

Speaking of plastic: When we talk about this material, of course we have a whole wide range of different materials and shapes account! If we are more elegant versions of Plastic garden furniture We should, for example, rely on furniture made of synthetic resin like this one. Inspired by the typical Espartogras armchairs, we find this variant of Outdoor furniture nowadays in many bars and summer lounges. And if we add a seat cushion and a cocktail to the armchairs, the chill-out factor of these plastic furniture is simply unbeatable.


The potential of plastic It can also go far beyond the traditional coffee chair: it's a wonderful material weatherproof is and is therefore also like for Urban outdoor design used. Although this bank is primarily made of concrete, but has received a bright pink plastic coating, which makes the piece a real eye-catcher. So plastic can be modern, original and sophisticated.

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