14 garden ideas with stones that you can imitate easily

Whether you like natural gardens or supermodern, Japanese-inspired or Mediterranean-style: Stein is one of the
most important materials that enriches every outdoor area and thanks to its
Diversity allows a wide variety of design options. 14
inspiring and super easy to follow ideas in today
compiled this article.

2. Natural stone path

The classic among the stone ideas in the garden is such a natural way, which meanders over the lawn with as natural as possible plates.

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3rd sitting area with gravel

You want to get next to the classic terrace yet another sitting area in the garden, but not pave expensive? Then gravel is the perfect solution!

4. Modern way with flagstones

Stone is not only used in natural gardens, but also in modern and minimalist outdoor areas. Such an accurate path with exactly the same size plates underlines the purist, reduced, straightforward look.

5. way with plates and gravel

Here we see a successful mixture of stone slabs and gravel, which brings a special texture and dynamics to the garden.

6. Cool hearth

Whether gravel, split or gravel: Such stones are ideal for modern fireplaces, because they not only look great, but also convince in terms of safety.

7. Around the water basin

Just like around the fire, stone can also be used in combination with water.

8. Lateral accents

A popular method of integrating pebbles into the outdoor area is the design of the terrace edges. This loosens up the overall picture and adds an interesting component.

9. Mount of pond and watercourse

The transition from the garden pond or watercourse to the lawn or flowerbed is often bordered with pebbles or larger stones to get a harmonious, decent picture.

10. gravel garden

Pure gravel gardens are becoming increasingly popular, as they are easy to care for and can be easily implemented even in difficult soil conditions.

11. gravel road

A true classic in the garden is the gravel path, which is both visually and functionally convincing and also represents a cost-effective alternative to significantly more expensive options.

12. Between lawn and terrace

Here, the transition from the terrace to the lawn with pebbles was staged.

13. A path of stone and old wood

Old train track planks and pebbles enter here an irresistible connection and become a natural, sustainable and affordable garden path with that certain something

14. Vertical rock garden on the terrace

Finally, we have an idea for all without a real garden. With vertically greened walls you can also make small city balconies and terraces an oasis of well-being. Here we see the rock garden version with glass boxes, pebbles and succulents.

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