25 wooden pergolas that show you why your garden needs one too!

Whether a wonderful sunset, a cozy cup of tea on the terrace or
relaxing hours on the couch with the new favorite reading - we love
to spend our time in a beautiful garden. What more do you need to be happy?
Of course, a pergola, with which every moment becomes even more beautiful. If a
modern garden in minimalist style or rustic naturalness - we present
the most beautiful variants, all of which have their own charm. But
Caution: If you've seen those ideas, you probably want to
Do not give up on a pergola in the garden!

2. Minimalist

Even for a minimalist style garden, a wood pergola is an excellent choice, as we see in this example. There is less definitely more here, as evidenced by the clean lines and restrained decoration. Perfect for those who want an elegant design that creates a real feel-good atmosphere.

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3. For every weather

Whether as a sunscreen in extremely warm temperatures or in a surprising rain shower - a pergola with a roof is the perfect place for a barbecue with friends or a cozy get-together with a glass of wine. No matter what the weather is like, here you are always protected.

4. Simple and rustic

The traditional style with a rustic look gives the garden a lot of warmth and coziness. In this example, the wooden pergola has four feet of brick - a perfect mix, because these materials blend well together.

5. Including holiday flair

If you take a seat under this pretty pergola and enjoy the magnificent view of the green and the large pool, it feels like being in a 5-star resort.

6. sliding doors

We are thrilled with this pergola, which you can use all year round. Thanks to the practical sliding doors, it can be converted into a modern conservatory during the cold season.

7. Mediterranean flair

If you want a really extraordinary wooden pergola, you can also use tree trunks or wooden boards as materials. In this example, we see that this creates a wonderful, natural charm.

8. Kitchen and dining room in the garden

Who does not want a small outdoor kitchen in the garden with an adjoining dining room for the garden? In this example, you do not realize at first glance that you are outside. Because the dining area is protected by a wooden roof, which still allows enough sun. Here you can enjoy balmy summer nights or a cozy brunch at lunch time.

9. Geometric shapes

A pergola offers endless possibilities to beautify the outdoor area. In this example, we see a modern example that plays with geometric shapes, creating a beautiful eye-catcher for the garden.

10. The decoration

A pergola is perfect for decorating with some accessories. You can use curtains, set potted plants or integrate climbing plants.

11. Zen Gardens

A garden full of peace and harmony helps us to get new energy. It should focus on the essentials and provide the outdoor area with a simple device. This pergola is perfect to create a little oasis of peace to relax.

12. Country house charm

Of course, a wooden pergola is perfect for a country-style garden. Here we see a variant with a swinging roof that was additionally embellished with climbing plants. An idyllic atmosphere in which one can simply feel good.

13th pergola with swing

You still have a niche in the garden? Then a pergola with its own swing might be the right thing! Even in a small garden, a very special retreat can be created.

14. Screen protection

On a beautiful terrace you can enjoy the best time, if sufficient privacy is available. We find this idea particularly successful, as it offers the perfect privacy and sufficient sun at the same time.

15. For every style

Each of us has his own style, which is reflected in our homes and gardens. A simple wooden pergola, as we see in this example, has the great advantage that it fits almost any design. No matter whether the rustic charm or a house in modern minimalism.

16. The daybed

We find, more relaxed than in this example, it can not actually be. With a simple mattress and plenty of pillows and white curtains on the sides, the pergola becomes a unique daybed that you'll probably never want to leave again. The candles and lanterns on the steps are the perfect decoration and also create an atmospheric atmosphere in the evening.

17. Wood and white

Light wood and a white interior not only create a warm, yet modern look in the interior. Special details such as the white curtains give the terrace even more coziness and for a touch more color, the stripes on the wall in a delicate mint tone.

18. A nice lighting

With the right lighting, you can really put the pergola in the limelight and also enhance the atmosphere in the garden.

19. The right protection

If you want to enjoy your pergola for a long time, you should always provide it with a special protective layer on a regular basis. So you avoid that it is damaged by extreme sun or heavy rain.

20. A garden for the whole family

In the garden should be comfortable for all family members. The areas intended for children may quietly have a bit more color and creativity. The pergola can nevertheless have an elegant design. You just have to create the right balance between materials and colors.

21. A retractable roof

A perfect solution that adapts to your individual needs is a pergola that has a retractable fabric roof, as in this example. Thus, you can enjoy the sun, if you want, or create a magnificent shade.

22. A second living room

Who would not like to sit under this pergola and enjoy the cozy atmosphere? A fireplace will keep you warm on cool evenings and the comfortable furniture invites you to spend your evenings here. The small details are particularly effective: the table lamp between the two armchairs has a living room flair and the light chain creates a wonderfully warm ambience.

23. Dark wood

Although light wood is one of the most popular variants for a pergola, dark tones create a particularly stylish atmosphere.

24. Pure elegance

Here's another example of using dark colors. Dark brown and black are combined with a white wall and green plants that provide the area with sufficient brightness.

25. A walkway with pergola

Our last example in this Ideabook shows us a wooden walkway with a pergola. Through the wonderful pebble beds with a perfect mix of trees, plants and colorful flowers creates a distinctive highlight that makes the garden really unique.

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