A house with only 6.5 meters wide!

Today we talk about a house that seduces everyone with his charm and wraps around his finger: the Nude House. You wonder, why this name? The goal was to create a house made of natural building materials, in which one can see the purity of these materials - in both color and texture! We show you the result now and we can reveal so much: it's amazing!

The house is located on a plot which is only 6.5 m wide but 27.5 m long.
The extraordinary property layout has become a structural challenge for the professionals.

But the construction succeeded and so it is not only the size of the house, but also the mix that is so different here: contemporary, Mexican architecture paired with functionality and special details such as shiny raw materials and rustic textures.

The focus was also on lighting and ventilation during construction, because a barrier had to be created which on the one hand includes natural thermal insulation and also provides space for a chimney through which the air can flow. A construction that required a lot of skill and planning!

The house is divided into three floors: On the first floor there is access to the terrace, a bathroom, the dining room, a kitchen as the central center of the house and the living room. Attached are the backyard with terrace, the garden and a pool.

On the second floor there is a studio or guest room for visitors and on the third floor the master bedroom and a small courtyard.

It is difficult to describe this building in its entirety correctly, so we just let pictures speak to show you the beauty and special architecture of this house!

A small facade with an impressive effect

Very charming is the wonderful facade of the house. Here, above all, much emphasis was placed on the climate - through passive elements!
The illuminated blocks in the walls and the glass wall ensure brightness.
The glass wall is also responsible for the light in the building and gives the view of the beautiful outdoor area. In addition, there is the possibility to close the glass wall with folding doors, so to regulate the flow of air and also act as a sunscreen.

Welcome to the garden

As the main facade of the house goes west, it was necessary to prevent the internal warming of the house. For this reason, a courtyard with sand garden and ornamental vegetation was created as an optical demarcation, which also serves as a transition area. The side corridor on the north side ensures a cool breeze and keeps the house cooler overall.

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A dazzling interior

This picture shows the overall concept of the house again. The linear design of the interior, the high side walls and the modular elements that can be found in every corner.
The natural material is also the color concept, which is reflected in the different natural shades of gray (from white to glossy polished concrete) to wood and black metal. The contrast of cold and warm, light and dark and hardness and shine makes the design so special.

The kitchen, held as an open space and barely 5.5 m wide, was designed with an L-shaped interior.
Thus, the kitchen is kept as the center of the house in a modern yet elegant look.

The studio

The studio is also specially designed and convinces with considerable details. On the one hand there would be double the height of the room as well as the thin and wrought-iron railing, which breaks the rigid design again. Here in the studio, visitors or friends feel at home, because their own bathroom, comfortable furniture and the unique, imposing view from above are real highlights. In addition, it is easy to chat with the host or friends from there!

The bedroom

On the third level, the room, which is used as a bedroom, becomes bright and spacious. The walls and ceilings are polished, the wooden floor and certain elements such as the bench at the end of the bed or the bedside tables still give the room that cozy and warm charm. Many wooden elements have been recycled from old doors, giving a friendly character that neutralizes the cold of the concrete.
The room also has a small courtyard between the bathroom and the sleeping area, which serves as lighting and ventilation. The terrace is bounded by a wall of blocks horizontally, so that the gaps are designed in the same design as the wall. A few chairs, the table and the pots give the space a cool and inspiring charm.

The house not only convinces with a versatile design and many surprises, but also with elegance, natural, beautiful colors, style and the fascination that radiates this house simply. 

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