12 cheap building materials that are perfect for small houses

Even the idea of ​​building a building from scratch can be intimidating, especially when the costs come into play. But with homify, where there is a will is also a way. If you have a small budget, you can opt for cheap building materials. We found 12 cheap materials to build a small home in no time. Whether you are looking for a home in rustic or modern, contemporary or country style, here are cheap building materials to help you realize your dream!

1. Prefabricated elements

One of the biggest advances in architecture is building prefabricated houses whose elements are pre-fabricated and which are then easily, quickly and relatively cheaply erected at the desired location. These houses can consist of a whole range of different materials - there are so many ways to build cheap with them!

2. concrete slabs

If a building is to be erected quickly and easily, concrete slabs can be the perfect option. Luckily, concrete is not only a cheap building material, it's also extremely popular, so the panels can simply shine in a raw look and look absolutely stylish. Therefore, concrete is also a very popular building material for houses in a minimalist style. 

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3. exterior stone cladding

A stone exterior is lightweight, beautiful and easy to work with. So you get the expensive look and still can build cheap. 

4. Recycled shipping containers

Container houses are especially popular when it comes to building a creative but affordable home. The best part of all this is that you can get a number of different containers for a cost-effective price. 

5. Recycled timber

Pause for a moment before throwing wood into the fire - such cheap building materials as old lumber can help you create a real eye-catcher and, in the end, look much more expensive than they actually are.

6. Corrugated sheet

Cheap? Good looking? Suitable for any weather? Yes, and that the industrial style is becoming increasingly popular, is another argument for putting corrugated iron on the list for beautiful and cheap building materials. 

7. Bamboo

This natural material, which is so easy to use, has been helping to build houses for ages. Accordingly, it is still a great building material today. 

8. Industrial iron

Iron girders have been gaining in popularity lately, not only can they be used to cheaply build them, but they can also build a sturdy construction and frame for an impressive home. 

9. Traditional red brick

There is a reason why so many brick buildings exist - brick is a material that really works! And when it comes to beauty, there's no doubt that brick remains one of the popular, reliable and affordable building materials. 

10. Straw

Forget the three little pigs! A properly processed thatched roof definitely does not belong in the realm of fairy tales. The pure aesthetics of a thatched roof can not be beat!

11. Natural stone

Building a stone home can be very costly. But anyone who builds his home in a stone actually only has to pay for digging - an incredible value for little money!

12. Fresh concrete

Robust, reasonably priced and with an undeniable, raw appeal, concrete is the world's number one building material for many architects and contractors. 

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