Organize like a pro: tips and tricks for a better overview

The well-known saying "order is half life" may sound strange and exaggerated to many. We agree with you that tidying up and
While not keeping order should not take 50 percent of your life, nonetheless
a certain degree of organization makes life a lot easier. Go in a well-organized household
Many processes just go faster, because all sorts of things are found faster and faster
can be used. This starts with food in the kitchen and ends
in the organization of important documents. Would not it be nice, finally everything
sorted clearly and neatly? A tidy home is
not only nicer, it also has a big impact on your well-being. Who in the
Chaos is alive and can often be harder to focus on. This is because that
Subconscious mind always thinks about open "cleanup projects" that actually still
would have to be done. For more peace and comfort in your home
bring, it means now: organizing, sorting and tidying up. Take it
It's best to spend a weekend time with your entire household including basement
and tidy up the storage room thoroughly. You will see it
will achieve incredible changes. In this Ideabook we want you
Give a few tips that will make you a real organizing professional.

Schitt 1: Cleaning up and mucking out

The basic rules for a tidy apartment is that unnecessary trinkets should necessarily disappear. To your household
To organize properly, you should do a great cleanup
begin. Everything you no longer need flies out! Do not be here
picky, but really honest with yourself. Are you using things
at all? Do you really wear the old winter jackets again? Is the vase
really nice in the living room or just an unnecessary dust catcher? Ask me
Best a friend who will help you with the radical mucking
help. So you make room for really important things and keep that
Overview of what you actually have. It also leaves the old ones
To make cash money. At flea markets and sales portals in the
Internet can make your things a second life, whether it's clothing, furniture or odds and ends.

Step 2: Create storage space

Storage space is the nuts and bolts in every apartment. Surrounding objects, crammed chest of drawers and overflowing baskets do not wear
to the feel-good factor in your home. Even if your apartment is small,
There are plenty of opportunities in each corner to create some storage space.
Shelves above the doorframe, bedsteads in the bedroom, a mobile one
Sink base cabinet and extra baskets on the kitchen cabinets - there is
always a possibility. You have to keep in mind, of course, that the storage space is clever
integrated into your design concept. It's not about, as possible
to build large wall units, but cleverly extra space too
create. Multifunctional furniture with integrated storage space is suitable
especially good. For the necessary change, you can have a carpenter make great built-in wardrobes or shelves that will turn every smallest corner into a storage space wonder.

Are you looking for an architect?
Write us! We're here to help.

Get free advice

Step 3: Sort

A good organization requires a neatly sorted household. It goes without saying that different things
be assigned to different areas. Food and
Household items such as garbage bags, dishwasher tablets and dusters belong in the
Kitchen area. Pens, erasers, paper and documents are in yours
Workspace. He does not have to occupy an entire room, he can
also be integrated in the living or sleeping area. In addition to office supplies is
It is recommended to make room for all important documents. A little
Cabinet, a hanging folder or a beautiful shelf offer enough space to everything
To bring place. Also when washing clothes, it is advantageous to all utensils
To have a grip. An installation shelf above the washing machine makes it possible
next to laundry detergent, softener, laundry and Co., also a laundry basket
accommodate. Generally, especially the space up a lot
can be better exploited.

Step 4: Organize

After everything has been sorted and put into place, you are much closer to the goal. Nevertheless, it is important that straight
Documents etc. are labeled in order to find their way around as quickly as possible
can. Folders in the workspace should be sorted by year or topic
become. Insurance, housing, work and finances are just some of the areas
into which you can divide. In addition to standard, white labels
her in stationery or decor shops also stylish labels, the folders,
Embellish folders and Co. something. The picture example shows the shelf section
a nursery. Here were the different shelves for
used different school subjects. This idea is not only in children and
Youth room advantageous, but also in many other life situations. So could
in multi-person households or large families the mail is sorted or
Messages and to-do lists are communicated.

Step 5: Beautify

Of course, it's important that all the organization and order embellish your home, not littered with labeled labels. Count here
also little things that can make a difference. In the kitchen you can
Flour, sugar and Co. filled in nice glasses and with cute labels
be provided. Cards, memories and photos are not in the shoebox,
but kept in a nice box. In the bathroom are make-up, lotions
and hair ties housed in small baskets, rather than on the shelf
flying around.

Step 6. Simplify trifles

It's not just the big things that make life easier. If you want to be a real professional organizer, you can do it all
Children's. There are a few tricks in our homify DIY tips,
you do not know yet. If you have many keys on your keyring, you might as well
Nail polish bring some light into the darkness. Simply the top of the
Paint the keys, let them dry, done. So you know next time
no matter which key is intended for which door.

Extra tip

Since your household should not only be organized, but also be comfortable and beautiful, the optical effect must be in the foreground during the whole action
to be kept. It is important that you, as described, first of all
Get an overview of what you have and what are organized
should. If you except a few clothes, kitchen utensils and documents nothing
owns, you need no wall unit in the living room. Collector, Shopaholics
and extended families, on the other hand, need a bit more space to keep their belongings
to stow away. Of course it is also possible for your household
Gradually to bring to fruition - be it from temporal or
financial reasons. If you have a relatively small budget, you can focus on it
Flea markets or look on the Internet for cheap (storage) furniture. In the
You should let your imagination run free. Even old, up
The first look unsightly chests of drawers can be with a new coat of paint and colorful
Shine knots in new splendor.

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