Build a barbecue from bricks

Of course - you can buy almost everything for the house. So you can go to a specialty store or a hardware store to buy a ready-made grill that you just take home and put in the garden. It would work perfectly and you could celebrate great parties with friends and families. However, if you build this grill yourself, everything you prepare for it tastes a little better and you would have a unique grill that is guaranteed to be found in no other garden. 

You have never built something like this? To build a barbecue yourself is not difficult. You just need to follow the steps we show you. The investment for this is low, as the materials you need (sand, gravel, cement, bricks, water and the metal grid on which you grill later) are cheap.

How do I build a grill? - Step 1: The foundation

If you want to build a grill out of bricks, you will first need a concrete foundation. We have already mentioned that the materials used are not expensive but easy to use. But that does not mean that the design does not go hand in hand with a lot of weight. In fact, a brick-built grill is a building that requires a solid foundation and a solid foundation. 

Therefore, you should choose the location of the grill carefully, clean the surface thoroughly and dig out a few inches. Now you fill the ground with concrete. You can mix this yourself by mixing four parts of gravel with a grain size of max. 32 mm with one part of cement and an amount of water equal to half of the cement. Mix the concrete until it has a consistency that resembles porridge. When pouring, you should make sure that you level the ground. You can leave the concrete floor as it appears now, or you can decorate it with pretty tiles. 

2. Plan the construction

The concrete is allowed to dry for at least two days before you can continue working on it. During this time, you can create a design that shows how your grill should look like later and how you can calculate which material and how much you need it. The best thing you do not leave anything to chance in the design, but acts like an architect and plans the project to the millimeter. 

When the foundation has dried, you bring the first stones. In doing so, you make sure that you apply them exactly as you intended in your design, and that they sit straight and form a right angle where necessary. 

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3. The construction begins

Now you have everything ready: the design of the project, the materials, the tools and a bucket and a spirit level. Now you have to mix the mortar. Just mix four pieces of sand with a piece of cement and gradually add water (about half the amount of cement). Now you mix everything until a homogeneous mass has emerged. Now is the time to put the bricks together in your dream grill. 

For brickwork, you put one brick at a time in the bottom, after you have put a layer of mortar on the bottom one. It is important to set the bricks straight in all directions. Use the spirit level and check regularly if everything is straight.

4. Make the grill omission

When you wall the first time, you should not make your life too difficult and choose a simple project. Of course, you could also build more complicated structures, such as a whole stove with a chimney, but just for starters, it is good to choose simpler shapes and gain practical experience. If you decide on a model that has a square hearth and consists of two side walls and a back wall, you will receive a chic and not too difficult to make barbecue. If you plan a lower intermediate layer, you automatically have space to store wood and charcoal. You leave the front side free to grill comfortably and later to dispose of the ashes easily. 

5. The stop for the grill grate

In this construction phase, you can put on the hearth a grill iron. For this you only need to fix it when you apply the mortar to the stones. Instead, there is an option that is far more practical in the long term. Once the mortar has dried, you can place two angles at different heights on each side of the walls. So the grill will remain mobile and you can attach it as needed further up or down - depending on how hot the food is to be grilled. 

6. Finish the barbecue with bricks

In the last step, we show you the trick that will make your structure look like a professional masonry or paving plant. Before the mortar has completely dried out, use your fingers (gloves are best worn) to walk between the joints and remove excess mortar, giving the joints a concave shape. When the mortar is completely dry, clean the entire masonry with water and a brush to remove stains and mortar residue. 

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