Do you change your everyday objects often enough? This list will surprise you!

We all use everyday utensils in everyday life, without much thought, how long will this practical helpers actually
in use. The general home hygiene and not least ours
For health's sake, however, we should definitely keep an eye on it and
Know exactly when to exchange what utensils. Here comes ours
Checklist with the most important rules.

Bed linen: every 1 - 3 weeks

Re-ordering the bed probably does not make much fun for us, but it has to be done so that bad odors and bacteria do not stand a chance. And let's be honest: There is nothing better than to cuddle up in the evening in fresh sheets, right? How often you should change them depends on how much you sweat. Experts recommend: If you sweat heavily during your sleep, you should change your bed linen weekly; for all others, a change in two or even three weeks in winter is enough.

Mattress: latest after 8 years

We stay with the subject bedroom: How often should you actually replace the mattress? The Stiftung Warentest advises to change mattresses at the latest after eight years of use, because during this time a lot of sweat has settled in it and it creates an ideal breeding ground for mold and other germs. If, however, cooling has formed or has been inadequately ventilated for years, you should replace the mattress earlier. Our tip: Regular airing and turning will extend the life of your mattress.

By the way: What you should pay attention to when buying a mattress, you will learn in this article.

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Toothbrush: every 3 months

Dentists recommend replacing the toothbrush every three months at the latest, because even the highest quality bristles wear out over time and bacteria build up over time. However, if the toothbrush is already worn, it should be changed immediately. The same applies if you were ill. After colds, flu or other infections, the toothbrush wanders into the trash to prevent further infections.

Towels: every 3 to 7 days

Moist hand and bath towels are an ideal breeding ground for germs, bacteria and fungi. Therefore, they should be changed once a week, towels that are often used, if possible even every three days. Only then can it be prevented that germs multiply and spread unhindered. Again, if you were ill, your towels should be replaced immediately so that no further infections can occur.

Dishcloths, sponges, cloths: at least once a week

Impeccable hygiene is especially important in the kitchen. Soiled cloths, sponges and tea towels are true germicides that can spread pathogens and pose a real health hazard. In general, all these utensils must always be well dried after use and replaced at least once, but better twice a week. Food residues rather wipe up with kitchen paper, which can be disposed of immediately after use.

Chopping boards: depending on usage, material and quality

Even with chopping boards you should absolutely pay attention to the hygiene. Means: Rinse immediately after use hot and always allow to dry well. How long you should use such a board depends on the material, the frequency of use and the quality. At the latest, when deep cuts and cracks have formed, you should replace the board to give germs no chance. Incidentally, wooden boards may last longer than plastic versions, because on the one hand they dry better and on the other hand some types of wood contain antibacterial substances.

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