Indoor slides

Without a slide, no children's playground is complete and even in your own garden, the classic game equipment is welcome. But unfortunately that loads
Weather in this country is not always a slide fun under the open sky. That's why
Indoor slides are becoming increasingly popular - with the kids as well as theirs
Parents. Slipping is not only a lot of fun, it also trains you
the motor skills. And movement is immensely important for the development of
Children - even in bad weather. Here are the cool indoor slides,
which our experts have developed, just right. And psst - one of the
We did not find models in the nursery but in an office.

Indoor adventure playground

This nursery, our experts of snoeck & co is a childhood dream come true and a real adventure playground. Not only is there plenty of space to romp, play and get creative, but there is also so much to discover, from the cuddly sleeping cave to the podium and last but not least the brilliant indoor slide in XXL format.

Slide with royal fan

The White elephant Slide of Jupiduu With its clear and timeless design and the natural material wood is the perfect accessory for stylishly furnished children's rooms. In good and dry weather, however, it can also be put outside at any time. With a slide length of approx. 1.20 m, the slide, which is available in five different colors, is the ideal toy for small slide fans aged 1.5 to 4 years. Incidentally, since last year this slide has also been in a royal nursery, namely the one of the British heir to the throne, Prince George, the one Jupiduu Slide from the model Blue Whale got a present for the first birthday.

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pirate ship

Indoor slide, climbing wall or swing - through the nursery furniture of paidi create creative play and living worlds in their own four walls such as a pirate ship, a robber's cave or a princess castle. Since the little ones play the game ideas certainly not so fast. And getting up in the morning is all the more fun if you can slide straight out of bed into the new day.


The days of boring cots are clearly numbered. Today, such a place to sleep must have much more to conquer the hearts of kids. This cool plane from m design is the absolute highlight in every nursery. It has a bed and a play cave from which you can get over a slide.

For the inner child

You think indoor slides are just for kids? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! For those who have grown up long ago but are still a child in their hearts, this is likely to be the case Lego-Office in the Danish Billund a dream come true. Every day around 200 designers develop new, exciting products and toys - and in between they can pay tribute to the inner child. This ingenious indoor slide connects the different floors of the office and brings a lot of fun, momentum and creativity into the work environment.

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