Make the garden modern: 10 great ideas

You want to make your garden modern, but you still lack the bright ideas? Then you are exactly right here, because we have each other
Look around at our experts and get a lot of inspiration in this article
compiled. From small measures such as sculptures, flowerpots and
Lighting ideas on different types of trendy outdoor furniture to
We've tried each larger projects like building a stylish pool
Taste to cover every budget and every garden size. We are curious
with which you would like to beautify your garden and wish you much
Fun with our homify garden ideas.

1. Modernize the garden with a natural pool

If you want to modernize your garden and have enough space in terms of both square footage and budget, you can make a real statement with a natural pool. Pools have always been very popular with gardeners, but those who want to keep up with the times now rely on natural components in terms of water purification. Chlorine and other chemical mines are a thing of the past with these natural pools - and yet you do not have to compromise on water quality. In addition, you have a perfect combination of crystal clear bathing fun and natural pond optics, because the water circulates in these pools through a planted area where it is freed from contaminating suspended matter.

2. Modernize the garden with a garden lounge

The days of uncomfortable, wobbly plastic garden furniture are long gone. The garden of today includes a stylish garden lounge. These are more or less large resting islands and sunbathing areas with comfortable upholstery and refined details that make our life in the open air even more enjoyable. Thus, some of these trendy pieces of furniture can be flexibly pushed together or apart to either have a large bed or several small seating areas, there are lounges with integrated storage area, with built-in awning or practical storage space under the seats. Either way, these cool relaxation furniture is a real must-have for anyone who wants to make their garden modern.

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3. Modernize the garden with Asian sculptures

Yes, sculptures can also be used to make your garden modern. We think less of stuffy-colorful garden gnomes as more Asian-inspired Buddha and monk figurines, which give every outdoor area a touch of Far Eastern exoticism and at the same time radiate peace, relaxation and contentment. For which size, which type and which material you decide, it is entirely up to your personal taste.

4. Modernize the garden with pallet furniture

Pallet furniture is just one of the hottest furnishing trends ever. They are as popular in the interior as they are outdoors and the perfect choice for those who want to make their terrace or their garden modern and give it a certain nonchalance. These furniture win their irresistible charm through their rustic industrial look and through their past. At that time, when they were still traveling on a big trip as Euro-pallets, they probably never would have thought it possible to land in a hip garden and serve as cool seating. Creative upholstery and cushions not only give the pallet furniture an individual look, they also make it incredibly comfortable.

5. Modernize the garden with concrete

Another trend in furniture in recent years is clearly concrete. Whether on the facade, on the walls in the interior or as a coffee table or decorative accessory - the gray building material has long taken the hearts of trend-conscious architects, builders, interior designers and furniture backers by storm - and is now on the rise in the garden. Whether in the form of sculptures or cool furniture or just as a plant container with industrial charm - who wants to make his garden modern, concrete can not pass. 

Just how versatile the look can be realized is proven by plantershop, because the planter is actually made of a plastic mixture that looks like concrete in a confusing way.

6. Modernize the garden with a conservatory

Conservatories are currently in hot demand again, as it is fully in line with the trend to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor space and to integrate the garden into the living concept. How better to do that than with a glass extension, where you can enjoy your garden to the fullest in the cold season, without having to give up a protective roof over your head. The possibilities to design a conservatory are limitless. Whether in the romantic style or modern purist, used as a dining area, office or green plant corner - such an extension extends the living space and can be used individually.

7. Modernize the garden with geometric shapes

Geometric forms are the keyword for those who want to modernize their garden without resorting to massive measures. If beds, paths and seats are accurately arranged geometrically, the outdoor area is not only much neater, but also reduced and stylish. Our tip: mix different shapes, this loosens the overall picture and makes it appear less severe. Trapezoidal track plates, for example, meet bullet-shaped bushes and round lamps in the accurately angular bed.

8. Make the garden modern with a porch swing

Admittedly, the keyword "swinging swings" does not immediately make you think of a modern garden first. But the cult furniture comes in this century no longer so dusty, stuffy and overloaded therefore as in the 1970s. On the contrary, the Hollywood swing of today presents itself reduced, purist, slim and super stylish - and makes a great figure in every modern outdoor area.

9. Modernize the garden with a sun shade

Awnings are the new awnings and the be-all and end-all for those who want to make their garden more modern while at the same time providing a pleasant shade on the terrace. The sails bring pure holiday spirit and conjure up a touch of casual Ibiza summer in every garden. The great thing about it: modern awnings score not only with their weightless aesthetics, but also with the latest technology. They brave wind and heavy rain with ease and can often be easily controlled by remote control.

10. Modernize the garden with pillars of light

Finally, we have a bright idea for the evening. After all, a modern garden should not only look beautiful during the day, but also make a neat move after sunset. You achieve this goal with an atmospheric lighting. For this, fairy lights, lamps in beds, which illuminate trees and plants indirectly, or also such light pillars, which create a very special atmosphere and make your garden modern.

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