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  • Funny art prints for the office

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    Many of the funny sayings come from the middle of (everyday) work. We've worked in agencies for years, and we know that humor helps you get through the time in the office. That's why we're pretty sure an office wall is the perfect place for a FUNI SMART ART art print with a funny saying. FUNI SMART ART art prints are already hanging in many offices and agencies, providing a good mood. Is your office wall still naked? Or your favorite colleague? Let's go - get the funny sayings and good mood into the office.

  • FUNI SMART ART art prints for the home

    The FUNI SMART ART Designstyle looks so simple and timeless that it can be combined with almost any style of living. The funny sayings are perfect as a cool wall decoration for your living room, your kitchen, your study and of course for your bedroom. Who does not like to get up in the morning with a smile on his face? In the hall or in the entrance area, the funny sayings at the reception of your guests will make you smile or make you happy when you come home or on the way out.

  • FUNI SMART ART chocolate poster

    FUNI SMART ART chocolate posters set sweet highlights on your wall - for example in your kitchen. The art prints with funny sayings around the topic of chocolate are perfect as a gift for sweet tooth, Leckermäulchen, snack bears, Zuckerschnuten, calorie despisers, cravings, cocoa junkies, connoisseurs, praline killer, gourmets ...

  • FUNI SMART ART Office Prints

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    Office prints provide a good mood in the office or in the home office. The amusing art prints are perfect for agency bunnies, office stallions, facilitators, workaholics, bean counters, professionals and Noch-Nix-Wisser, breakers, Pixelschubser, managers, brainstormers, orga-queens, newcomers, bosses ...

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