11 walls that completely change your home!

A gallery of great snapshots from the last summer vacation or the coat rack in the shabby chic. A great art print or maybe even a wall sconce. The classic possibilities that are available to us in terms of wall design, probably knows each of us, right? But how about a wall that is really extraordinary and individual? A wall that gives your home something more than just that special something? Not so easy, right? Sometimes it just lacks the sparkling idea. Now that's over, because: We're showing you 11 walls today that will just change everything. With unique design ideas and great effects, they give the room that very special touch. After you've seen that, you want such great walls in your own home too. So check it out!

1. Wood paneling in a modern rustic style

Our first example leads to the entrance This is known as the business card of your home. So where would a spectacular wall design be more effective than here? In this example, we will witness how wood, as usual, does not play its practical advantages as a floor covering, but rather comes into its own as a decorative element on the wall. With light driftwood optics it fills the otherwise minimalist modern hallway with warmth. And the most amazing thing about it is that the wood in the form of simple boards can be quickly and easily attached to the wall as well as removed again. As a modern variant of the wood paneling brings rustic flair with a modern touch in the room. By the way: Many more, great ideas for your hall can be found here: 7 inspirations for your perfect hallway!

2. Natural stone look makes the bedroom a dream

This bedroom impresses with its wonderfully harmonious color palette. The earthy sand tones, the warm light and not forgetting the beautiful parquet. However, a very specific element only makes the room what it is, namely a true bedroom jewel. The wall in natural stone look reminds us of Mediterranean holiday moments and simply invites you to dream. The window, which is also beautifully framed by the wall, completes the visual experience. And the best part is that while the bow is real, the stones are a modern wallpaper. Easy to clean and of course much cheaper than real stone. Aesthetically and cost-effectively - wow!

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Third Color and light bring the desired aha effect

Colored walls bring dynamism and life into our home. While a modern interior design style benefits above all from cool colors, it may also be a bright contrast. With strong colors you should allegedly be economical, it is said. In this example, we see how a brave decision can really change everything. Special aha experience, however, creates only the great relief, which conjures up a great shadow play on the wall thanks to indirect lighting.

4. 3D wall panels: modern and uncomplicated

To find more and more often in the home living room, 3D panels are one of the absolute living trends. Made of sustainable raw materials such as bamboo or sugar cane, the panels are also used in ecological house construction. In addition, they are just beautiful to look at. In addition, their modern forms can be used virtually anywhere and individually. Thanks to clever lighting, just as in this example, they are particularly well presented. In other words, another sensational example of how a single wall can change the mood of an entire room - for the better of course!

5. Delicious panorama meets the kitchen with great living

Let us turn to our absolute favorite room, the kitchen. This is where the social heart of our home beats, here is just life in it. In modern facilities, this aspect is sometimes lost a little. After all, reduced shapes and neutral colors are absolute favorites in kitchen planning. But if you want both, vivid colors and a timelessly modern interior, you can combine one with the other with a delicious wall design. Just like in this example. A delicious panorama loosens the mood and makes you want more!

6. Open brick wall for lovers of the industrialist

The industrial style is known for being raw and charming at the same time. He allows the view of the interior of our own four walls. How often do you get the wonderful natural look of a brick wall? And that, although many houses are made of this basic material. The natural brick is warming and protective at the same time, while simply offering a unique wall décor.

7. Microcement: Soon a modern classic

The visual properties of microcement are particularly evident in modern facilities. But even in the said industrial or even minimalist style, the gray cement is becoming more and more a new, modern classic. Its smooth, uniform surfaces make any room a real experience. Extremely durable and also individually adaptable to any room. No wonder then that microcement is gaining more and more popularity.

8. Pastel elements to dream

A white wall in the bedroom? That does not have to be! But if you are looking for an extraordinary touch for your own bedroom wall, you should take a closer look here. The color elements in gray and turquoise shades are the perfect complement to any design that retains nobly with colors and shapes. In this example, the elements not only form a contrast in color, but also create a spatial effect that you can hardly take your eyes off. Individual arrangement, personal coloring - this makes every wall an absolute highlight. Be sure to check out these 10 modern bedroom designs if you're looking for more inspiration for your new bedroom!

9. The wall as a vertical garden? You must have seen that!

Have you ever heard of the idea of ​​having a garden in your own home? So-called indoor gardens have an absolutely positive effect on our sense of living. Often laid out vertically, such green oases in the interior can also be used as a wall decor. A garden as a wall? That sounds individual, extravagant and creative at the same time. You must have seen that. By the way: Green plants, whether in a pot or as a vertical garden wall not only do our well-being, the indoor air also benefits enormously. And of course our home too.

10. Create a nostalgic atmosphere with frame motifs

This wall is not just a dream for every lover of the shabby chic? The illusion of many old picture frames with many old memories makes us also quite nostalgic. As a design element clearly assigned to the mural, it looks fresh and timeless at the same time, despite the nostalgic touch. A rare combination that shows again how a creative wall design can give the whole room a whole new character. Just great.

11. Not just a classic in the nursery: the world map

Of course, we also want to take a closer look at the children's room. After all, the room needs a new facility for our little ones at regular intervals, right? The perfect moment to reconsider the walls of the nursery. One of the classics in the nursery is of course the world map. Impressive in large format and canvas for all sorts of fantastic stories that you can tell each other. Prepared accordingly, a world map or an atlas could at least as effectively find its place in the living room of travel-loving inhabitants.

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