Mini bar for the home: that’s what counts!

Who does not dream of a house bar in the big room or in the lounge with real breakfast bar, with a built-in fridge and high
Bar stools - or maybe even a bar cellar? But not every apartment
or any purse allows for the fulfillment of such dreams. But it works too
different: with a chic mini bar for the hobby bartender at home.

But two things are essential: A refrigerator
must be present, because a cocktail without ice is not a real cocktail.
In addition, the most alcoholic soft drink is also enjoyed by the eyes, which is not only to be
appetizing appearance makes its contribution, but also that the drink in front
the eyes of the guests is mixed.

Otherwise there are hardly any limits to the fantasies. Is the
Found right place, you can be inspired by all sorts of ideas
and start building immediately. We show six ideas for the
personal mini bar in your own home.

Find the right place

Before it comes to building a mini bar in your own home, it must first be clarified if there is a suitable place for them
gives. For example, one would recommend a free space in the hallway under one
Stairway. There she does not take away an important place and still becomes a
Eye-catcher when guests come by. With a curtain, the mini bar can be quite
be easily covered.

There is also a free corner in the kitchen.
If you have a large kitchen, you can certainly have a little space for a small bar
lack the corner. Maybe you want them but also like a kind of food counter
Build in the middle of the room - the personal taste must decide.

Also, a large living room is well suited to make a mini bar. Not only that you spend most of your time in the living room anyway,
So you always stay close to your guests and can have the drinks before theirs
Prepare eyes.


Next, it is important to choose the right furniture. To a perfect mini bar belongs to first of course, of course
good fridge. Devices in different sizes, shapes and colors are there
to buy in different variants. In addition, furniture such as the bar counter or
Bar table and the bar stools are not missing.

Since it is a mini bar, the bar counter was supposed to be
or bar table of course not be too big, but provide enough space,
to be able to work without problems and to turn off glasses. What the design
of the bar or table, the personal taste can run free
to be left. It is important that the bar with the overall picture of the room
harmonized. If you like it more rustic, opt for a wood look that
Also look nice after beach vacation. If you like it more modern, you choose
maybe a counter in glossy look. There is one for every taste
Sufficient choice in different shops - online or in one

Of course, a mini bar does not offer huge amounts of space
the sitting concerns. For two chairs, the space should still be enough to
create a coherent image of a mini bar - because what is a bar without
Barstool? Again, the choice is great and you will find, for every taste, whether
modern or rustic, the right pieces of furniture.

Which is also important if you buy a bar
wants, is enough storage space for glasses as well as for the alcohol with which the drinks
should be prepared. At a bar, the bottles should be clearly visible,
as is the case in restaurants in cities - it's just very decorative
and you get closer to the things you need in the preparation faster. Either you build shelves behind the bar against the wall and put
Bottles and glasses under there or choose a bar in the side
Shelves are, but they are not closed by doors, but
stay open. This saves space and has everything at hand.

Are you looking for an architect?
Write us! We're here to help.

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Decoration is the key

The key to a perfect mini bar lies in the decoration of the whole. The alcohol bottles are not the only thing the bar does
can give appropriate cut. On the counter, for example, long drinking tubes can be draped in a glass as a decoration. In addition, a fancy smaller
Fridge, ice cubes, juices and everything else you could ask for
perfect cocktail needs to serve as a decoration. In a bright color
he can do a lot.

You do not need to overdo the decoration
but should rather focus on little things. Beautiful coasters,
maybe even a little sand for the right holiday feeling - less is here

Inside or outside?

If you have enough space in your house, you can easily bring the Mini Bar into your home. If you have less space, you can relax in the
Garden or on the terrace, so as not to take away any needed space from the living room
to have to. If you have your mini bar outside, you can use it right in the summer
Barbecues or other festivities, without always running into the house
have to.

If she stands in the garden unprotected, it is important that
she has a roof and that the material is weatherproof. For what good is it
if the bar is no longer usable after a year? Especially
A wooden bar makes the beach feel beautiful
causes. For the personal summer party you can maybe a bit
Spreading sand around the bar. Your personal taste and creativity are in demand here, 

The right lighting

To put the bar in the limelight, lighting is ideal. Whether white or colorful light is up to everyone.
Schick it can look in any case, if the shelves with the different
Bottles are brightly lit. The eye is immediately on one of the
most important utensils of a bar - the spirits. But also at the counter can
to get out with a little light. A lighting from below sets the
The bar looks nice, especially when it comes to colored light.
Or you make it a bit more discreet and provide the counter with a beautiful
Light string.

For the bar outside, the lighting can be especially
be important when it comes to a party later and thus darker.
For trouble-free preparation of the drinks is a good lighting in the dark
so indispensable. It also looks very nice when the bar is outside
Gently lighted the dark and thus brought to the fore.

The right fridge

An indispensable element for a mini bar is the refrigerator. Since this is a small bar, must also one
Mini fridge. There are plenty of devices to choose from, but what should one do?
bring a perfect mini-fridge?

It is very important that he is enough despite the small size
Space not only to accommodate two bottles of juice and the like
can. Otherwise you can store your drinks right in the kitchen, because you
would have to refill him constantly. For the one who uses his mini bar anyway in the kitchen
Of course, there is no need to ask for an extra fridge. moreover
It is especially important that the fridge has a small freezer
in which enough ice can be stored - indispensable for the
perfect preparation of cocktails and many other drinks.

Otherwise, the device should not be a power hog, of course,
but that should probably be the smallest problem. Many high quality devices from
Well-known manufacturers today are very energy efficient.

More cool bar designs can be found at the link. 

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