Designing the garden differently: Wild is now announced!

Planning a new garden is anything but easy. In which style should the garden be created? Should it be beds or dear
give large lawns? It is best if the whole family or
The residents of the house put together and discuss what they think of theirs
Expect garden. Should it be a feel-good oasis for hobby gardeners? An area
for planting fruits and vegetables and a play area for children
be planned, for example, a swing or a sandbox
contains? All these are important points
not only implemented but also wanted to be paid. It is not necessarily
Convenient to create a perfect dream garden that will fulfill all wishes
can. For this reason, it must be planned in advance how the garden look like
should, so that the result can be even more beautiful. 

Who starts now,
to plan his garden or parts of his garden, to select color concepts
or engage an expert can immediately start implementing it in the spring
begin. In this book of ideas we want you a very special garden type
imagine: the wild garden. The Wildgarten convinces with a colorful
Flowers and enchanted character and is a true summer
Butterfly paradise. But differently than thought, also a wild garden must be thoughtfully created
and then maintained.

Plan the garden in good time

The size of a garden plays with skilful planning actually does not matter. Even a small garden can be an absolute dream through beautiful flower beds with herbs and herbs. It is important that you record and structure the garden in the planning phase. Should there be only wild beds, which are accessible through a beautiful garden path? Or should a lawn provide some space for children to play? A terrace and sitting area should also be planned for you to enjoy the splendor of your green oasis. While the terrace is sheltered from the wind, the second sitting area should be planned at the point in the garden where the sun still shines at a later time. So you can enjoy the sun and enjoy the last rays on warm, sunny days even after work. A sketch helps you not only to structure the garden, but also to be able to estimate the amount of material better.

Fragrant herbs fit perfectly into the natural theme

Local herbs are another ingredient that should not be missing in a game garden. Anyone looking for a natural garden
decides, not only can enjoy the beautiful sight, but also
benefit from healthy and healing plants. Delicious food with
refining fresh, home-grown herbs is something very special these days.
In addition, they spread in the garden a pleasant scent that matches with the
Lavender, roses and others mixed. Wild herbs such as dandelion, greedy and nettle
are referred to by many garden owners as weeds or even weeds. The
young, nutrient-rich plants are not only healthy, they are also delicious
and do well in a salad or smoothie. Who is up for it
decides to pick up overgrowing wild herbs like Giersch in his wild garden,
should necessarily separate the planted area with root stoppers. Prevent these
that the plant spreads and occupies the entire garden. For a
beautiful overall picture can of course in this area also additional, flowering plants
or perennials are planted.

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Natural materials for a nice atmosphere

The Wildgarten lives from its natural design. For this reason, suitable materials should be chosen to the garden too
shape. It would look weird if between the beautiful flower beds, shrubs
and trees at once the plastic fence or plastic garden furniture to the fore
come. Natural stone and wood, on the other hand, fit perfectly into the picture and turn it off
the garden exactly what it should be: a piece of nature, the one alone

Curved shapes for a natural look

A garden does not have to have corners and edges to look structured. Especially in a garden that is supposed to radiate naturalness
sweeping lines and a slightly wilder style of design of great importance. Beetabtrennungen
should be wavy and
be lined by a soft lawn edge. It is recommended natural stones
or small woods that are embedded in the ground for more stability
should be. The garden path should also adhere to the natural forms of the garden
Gardening. Make treadplates made of natural stone or a small gravel path
are especially good and underline the theme with natural materials.
If you want to know more about garden paths, you should take a look at this Ideabook. Here you can find out which material and which style on the
best suited to your house and your garden.

Flowers and plants provide the perfect wild garden atmosphere

A wild garden is a piece of nature that you can bring home. For this reason, the selection of plants should be considered and
adapted to the local climate. Tropical or Mediterranean
have no business here, because they would be artificial and out of place
Act. Instead, the focus should be on native bushes, shrubs
Flowers are laid in our weather conditions in their
full shine
can shine. The art of creating a haunted
Wildgarten is,
to make everything look natural and yet the color and
Form theme too

Wild flower meadows as a butterfly paradise

In addition to lavender, grasses and wild roses, colorful wild meadow flowers such as poppies, daisies, cornflowers are typical of the wild garden.
Meadowfoam and bell
and marigolds. There are often garden centers and garden centers
ready-made wild meadow mixtures, directly after the last frost
in the bed
can be sown. The colorful flowers enchant us and the garden
early summer and depending on the variety until autumn. Not only
we, but
Also butterflies, bees and other animals enjoy the
Flowers. To look at the flowerbeds on a sunny day
Watching butterflies and listening to the buzzing of bees can
To trigger feelings of happiness.

The right care for many years of pleasure

The advantage of a game garden is that it is relatively little
Care needed. Of course, standard gardening needs to be like weeds
Plucking, mowing the lawn and pruning bushes and shrubs
become. After all, it should be a wild garden and not a wild garden.
Also the terrace, the sitting area and the garden path must be kept clean
become. All wooden elements such as garden furniture should be protected in winter
stored and sanded in the spring and glazed or oiled.

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