Dreamlike ideas for the garden pool

You just want to dive in, refresh yourself and sometimes just let yourself go for a while. Swimming pools fascinate young and old. What could be better than retiring to your own garden after a hard day at work and diving into the pool? Just leaving the world behind and surrendering to the water? Or just watching the kids play in the refreshing water?

The private swimming pool or garden pool attracts us with its unmistakable beauty again and again into the spell. And if only because of the vibrancy, the cool water, because of the architectural feature or because of the location on a picturesque backdrop - we present you the most beautiful garden pools today. 

An elegant and natural garden pool

As natural as possible. Natural garden pools are trendy. Anyone who understands something about Feng Shui, and therefore the importance of elegant, flowing movements in the garden and pool design, will be happy about this gem. Unmatched in elegant movement, these garden pools are natural pools through and through. Our experts from SYS PISCINE were able to inspire us with their pool. Because not only the form is natural. In contrast to conventional garden pools, it can do without any chemicals. And that with lasting, high swimming comfort. Well then - on the floods. 

The natural garden pool

Let's start with the picturesque scenery. A garden pool where the view is more convincing than the garden around it is this pool of blue base. A garden pool that behaves naturally in a natural environment: the developers of blue base Thanks to an ingenious and patented filter system for a garden pool, we were able to provide it without chemicals, because it cleans itself. This naturally increases the bathing pleasure for children and their parents. Irritated eyes or skin irritations caused by chlorine water are a thing of the past. This pool is like a natural lake with healthy and even vitalizing water.

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A garden pool with great views

Even this gorgeous pool of a Moroccan hotel invites you not only for evening strolling. Thanks to the lighting, visitors can also bathe in the pool at night and enjoy the splendid panorama of the city of Fes with its Moroccan flair. This wonderful pool was designed by our expert Christophe Pillet. An enchanting spot to simply enjoy being.

Being free in the pool like an eagle

This garden pool does not bear the name for nothing Infinity. An infinite dream that starts here in the water and certainly does not end at the mountains. From a lofty height, the view can roam free and glide across the pool to the lake and from there to the mountains. Here you can easily get the feeling of being as free as an eagle. This dreamlike infinity pool is one of the absolute highlights of the Hotel Villa Honegg in Switzerland. It can be used throughout the year and enchanted at any time of the day and season with its impressive alpine panorama and a breathtaking view of Lake Lucerne. 

An unexpected garden pool

What are you doing in the garden? A pool of the color ruby ​​red, is the eye-catcher at the Hotel Farm in Sicily. A garden pool reminiscent of the red of coral or royal velvet. In this case, bathing is an interesting temptation. That's what our experts from Olympic Italia Costruzioni Piscine SPA can implement outstanding. Bright red, that probably provides for discussion again and again. A true eye-catcher, which also has a fabulous view of the surroundings. 

Red like water

Maybe the water is warmer here? Unconsciously we connect red with warmth and blue with cold. That's why our faucets are often so marked. A new trend in pool design is towards blood red! Those who really like their garden pool and like it differently rely on red tiles or red lighting and can be sure of the incredulous amazement of their guests.

Red light in the garden pool does it too

Again, a blue pool in the garden has been too boring, but the step to red tiles too far. Therefore, the customer could the Polytherm GmbH with a few LED headlamps to create a dreamlike red garden pool. It is especially nice here in the evening, when the water shines in multicolored light. A great contrast to the more traditional style of the building.

Wellness is aesthetics

Wellness is a special sense life. And it should stay that way. Most of the time, it is more about activating the senses again than blurring them with sensory overload. A big role in the wellness area is therefore the vision. The aesthetic effect that a pool has on us is the first step in releasing happiness hormones in us.

This ingenious swimming pool was designed by our Italian experts Piscine SognoBlu realized. With a wonderful view over the mountains and an atmospheric lighting, this pool will certainly appeal to our senses and will also set us in the mood of a luxurious well-being. 

Pool of silence

Listening is also important in the wellness area. Above all, to hear silence, the absolute silence is already a great luxury for city dwellers. Here in this grotto, the thoughts are quiet and a sense of security carries the visitors through this illuminated pool oasis. This pool invites with integrated waterfall and whirlpool in a wellness cave.

The dream of the garden pool

A cold November in Germany, when wanderlust comes up. The longing for crystal clear water, exploding nightlife or simply after the total relaxation at a beautiful garden pool, which makes you forget the German cold. Just as this garden pool with loungy couch corner, bar and light floor tiles is a delightful place to enjoy the warm temperatures with a cool drink.

Floating island on the garden pool

A very elegant garden pool invites you to swim. Here in the morning as in the evening, the trains pulled
or just relax on the edge of the relaxation through the
cool wet to be savored. From a floating island you can slowly slide into the still water of the garden pool. That's how the Moroccan heat can be withstood. With wonderful massages on the lounger and gentle sounds, nothing stands in the way of relaxation at this garden pool.

A garden pool for royal bathing pleasure

Schloss Merkenstein is the first castle built in Austria in the Tudor style near Großau. The former country house was built in the years 1801 to 1803 below the castle ruin Merkenstein in Swiss style. 

For the dreamlike castle garden a project could be realized, which connects nature pond and garden pool in an intelligent way. The straight-lined, classic garden pool is framed by wooden reclining areas, separating pool and water plants from each other. Schloss Merkenstein invites you to enjoy the royal bathing pleasure in the garden pool even on balmy summer evenings.

The blue lagoon as a garden pool

Back to the blue lagoon: With such a garden pool, you actually get an oasis of happiness in front of the house. A natural-looking organic swimming pond in classic style attracts small and large bathers safely in no time from the terrace. As in the well-known film, it will always lure everyone back to this blue lagoon. Here civilization can stay outside.

Garden pool with limestone

The arrangement of various limestone forms is the basis of the design of this garden pool in a private residence in Jersey. The path, the edge of the garden pool and the seemingly floating bridge could be made of limestone and give the entire design of the garden the ambience for a classic bathing pleasure. 

A tropical garden pool

The Canary Islands La Palma is a dream holiday destination for many Germans. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, it was created due to volcanic activity. The special thing about La Palma is that here you will find retreat and individuality. Many idyllic places on the island are the reason for the annual vacationers. Also the villa Gran Atlantico, is located in a quiet location, nestled in the typical for the Canary Islands vegetation. With the garden pool on the slope the visitors are granted a fantastic view of the ocean. A spacious pool under the shady roof invites you to swim at any time of day or night. More about tropical garden pools can be found here.

The garden in the pool

This garden pool impresses with its
Originality: The tropical character of this concept surprises
the visitors through the palm tree, which stands in the middle of the garden pool. A
interesting idea that our experts were able to implement here. The feeling,
that there is a small island that wants to be umschwommen, the offset
Bathers in space and time: This jewel is like a mini-oasis in the desert.
In any case, a pearl of relaxation.

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