Flower Power: furniture and accessories with floral pattern

Whether red roses for lovers, colorful tulips as a proof of friendship or bright yellow sunflowers to cheer up: flowers live something very special, and for almost every situation in life there is the appropriate bouquet. We say things Through the flower and even children learn rhymes like Roses are red, violets are blue… . There are even entire reference works on the subject of floral language. The colorful beauties are therefore an integral part of our everyday life. Of course you can also find flowers on summer dresses, in hair, on paintings, logos and tablecloths. Perhaps their continuing popularity is due to the fact that they come in a variety of colors and shapes. Or it is because they remind us with their scent and rich colors on warm summer days. The fact is that flowers are not only beautiful, but have always inspired our imagination and aroused emotions in us.

Therefore, we want to show you today some of the most beautiful interior decoration articles with a floral motif. And do not worry, it does not always have to be the traditional, slightly boring floral wallpaper that we can find in grandma's house. There is also a wide range of flowered furniture, cushions and even kitchen linings that range from classic to fancy and do not look dusty at all. We hope you enjoy discovering and dreaming about the summer!

The flowered complete look

If you think of a living room completely in a floral look, many are initially deterred. Too clumsy, too old-fashioned, too uniform, are the concerns. The picture shows that it can be done differently. The curtains, like the armchair, are decorated with a delicate green-pink floral pattern. Due to the many mint green parts of the overall effect is not too girlish pink. The armchair stands on a lilac-colored carpet that subtly resumes the flower pattern of the armchair. Real flowers in pink and green potted plants complement the fresh, bright picture. Pastel-colored cushions give the room decoration the finishing touch.

Who wants to integrate so many floral elements in his interior, should make sure that the overall picture remains consistent. Our tip: Either your pattern combines wildly to your heart's content, but stays with all the pieces in the same color spectrum or you are color-coded and limited to a uniform pattern. So the floral decor will be a blessing to the eyes rather than exhausting.

Flowery seating

Even in the dining room flowers make great, not only in the vase but also as a pattern on the furniture. In this picture, floral patterns are funny details that blend beautifully into the colorful decor. The cherry colored table with rounded corners is flanked by yellow and turquoise chairs. The seat is covered with differently patterned cushions. Tropical-colorful plant patterns alternate with rather minimalist flower ornaments. Golden accents like this fruit bowl enhance the overall grouping even more and make the colors and patterns shine even more.

Incidentally, red increases appetite, and colorful colors in general promote the mood. So happy nothing is in the way of happy family meals!

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Purple flower carpet

Whether in the children's bedroom or living room, this rug is the perfect choice for all those
who want to give their interior a happy note. Thanks to its intense coloring, it divides the entire room without appearing too dominant. The like
Engraved floral tendrils give the carpet one
three-dimensional effect. By the light gray elements of the piece becomes
the gaudy color loosened a bit. Therefore, this flooring fits
in a surprising number of differently decorated four walls. In any
In the fall, this rug will make any home cheerful, feminine and in no time at all

Creative light source

This old chandelier has been lovingly transformed into a real gem. Small pendants were painted by hand with delicate flowers and attached to this magnificent light source. The result is a beautiful boho-style light that is reminiscent of Easter eggs and spring.

So it's worth reusing old pieces instead of throwing them away. This credo has also taken the upcycling movement to heart, breathing new life into old objects. Find out more here: Upcycling: the latest trends.

Like a flower meadow

Like sleeping in a meadow, we sleep in this well-equipped bed. Pillows and a bedspread in brightly colored floral pattern are supported by a petrol-colored wall and a lemon-colored door. Also, the lampshade is printed with the same pattern as duvet and pillows. Another floral eye-catcher is the fancy wall decor: The wall, which is covered with the same fabric, varies in size and decorates the headboard of the bed. So you feel like you are bedded on roses, even in the cold winter.

If you like it more discreet, you can also combine the wall decor with white bedding or choose a colorably calmer bedspread.

Pop Art Flowers

This little table is decorated with pop-colorful flowers and tendrils. The primary-colored flowers in red and blue on a yellow background, however, are not the only thing that makes this piece of furniture nature-related. Because it consists of recycled cardboard that has been coated and laminated on the outside. So this table is doubly suitable for nature lovers. 

Its slightly old-fashioned design in combination with its modern pattern makes it a suitable companion to many interior décor from vintage to modern.

Kitchen with a view

If you cook a lot and like, knows the problem: The spaghetti sauce injected quickly when heated and
already has our beautiful kitchen wall difficult to remove stains. Also
while washing dishes, our walls ever get something. The solution for
This problem is a protective glass plate, which is the most delicate
Surface of the wall keeps clean. This plate is easy to wipe off
and can also be individually designed. On this picture
For example, we see a hilly landscape with meadows and
Migratory birds. In addition to golden wheat fields are also delicate,
to recognize lilac flowers.

So not only the wall stays
spotless; We can also get into one during daily cooking
Dream away idyllic natural landscape.

Prospective style

In Provence, in the south of France, not only intensely fragrant lavender fields are swaying in the wind. No,
also the yellow shining sunflower is native here. Who she is
wants to get home, for whom we have this great box of
Polish designer Malvina Golińska. It does not just offer you a lot
Lots of space for items to be stowed, but can also as
comfortable seating for up to three people serve. The
Sunflowers are hand painted, making each piece one
Unique. This box fits perfectly in apartments that are trendy
Shabby-chic style are furnished.

Incidentally, the sunflower was already known and loved by the ancient Incas. Archaeologists found traces of over 4,500-year-old sunflower cultivation in Mexico City. Incas also seem to have worshiped the golden flower as an image of their god. 

Floral art

If you love floral patterns, but you're not a fan of bright colors, we've got the perfect one for you
Solution. This drawing is technically well-versed and rather
abstract. So here you will not find any cheesy floral motifs or the like. Rather, by looking at the artwork for a longer time our own imagination is stimulated and we always recognize new forms and shapes in the picture. Incidentally, the pencil drawing was artificially aged
Paper executed. 

Since the picture is so color neutral, fits
It is ideal for any kind of interior decoration, from shabby chic to minimalism.

Beautiful salad servers

Flowers do not just bloom on furniture and fabrics. Also on cutlery they can be found again, as with these salad forks. Their ends seem to be in full bloom. From the material, they are traditionally held in silver stainless steel, but the shape gives them a modern, extravagant touch.

Small extra tip from us: salads can be decorated with great edible flowers. The colorful set is not only nice to look at but also gives us a vitamin kick!

Blümchen wallpaper with a difference

Flower wallpapers often look very similar: pink or pink, they usually show roses or other native plants. This model, however, looks completely different than we imagine a floral wallpaper. Nevertheless, it is one: The colorful ornaments on her represent the so-called Bird of Paradise flower, also known as King Strelitzia. Native to South Africa, this subtropical plant is a real beauty, which bears the name Bird of Paradise in reference to the colorfully feathered animal.

In order not to distract from the splendid flowering, the background of this wallpaper was kept in a simple graphite. This wall decoration looks especially beautiful to far eastern furnished rooms. Bamboo furniture is also great for this decor.

We hope that you have made you feel like flowers with these parts. No matter if you give it away, eat or (as a pattern) sits on it, the colorful little plants are just great companions in every situation!

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