These 6 things just cause havoc in your home

Actually, this is the dream of each one of us: a tidy and clean home that looks perfect at any time of the day. But your own
Cleaning the apartment is unfortunately only one side of the coin. Cleaning and clearing out is just as important. Otherwise you can
We clean as long and as often as we want: It still never gets really good

There are some culprits responsible for this
are always and everywhere chaos left. Luckily we can do that exactly
identify and introduce yourself in this collection of ideas. And then
you go directly into action and your house will be neater than ever.

1. Sponges and old towels? Get away with it!

The kitchen is a place where we inevitably need to clean up almost every day. Because when cooking is always something dirt incurred. Mostly
we use wipes and sponges to the surfaces, the stove or the
Sink to clean. But over time, they get older and older
dirty. Millions of germs and bacteria gather in them,
who may possibly make us ill. So away with the things! Better then
invest in microfibre cloths, which we cook very comfortably in the washing machine

2. Dispose of old shoes

Shoes are also such a classic that one or the other of us already had on the list. Shoes are strangely enough
Garments that we do not clean out as regularly as we do with others
Doing things - especially not when they are still alright. But only, with it
we do not need to keep the shoes in our closets. Then beat
We would like to see our shoe collection twice a year and accordingly
declutter. Before the summer or winter season to take stock, makes
the most sense. And if we then miss a pair of shoes: The passage into
Shoe business does not hurt us women!

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3. Magazines and books

Books and magazines are things we love to collect. We stack them in the corner of the house, put them in full shelves anyway, or keep them under the bed. One day, we think, they could
yes be useful again. But hand on the heart: how often do we look at each other
Magazine more than once? And how many books do we have
already read twice? Our tip: Let's take an afternoon time
and browse our magazines for DIY tips or recipes that we
absolutely want to keep. And on another afternoon we do that
same with the books. Schools or libraries are looking forward to disused ones

4. The kitchen

Even in the kitchen, we often store unnecessary accessories, which we do not use. If we buy a set of new glasses, we'll keep it
mostly the ten old glasses, right? And when we have a birthday
get a new pot as a present, the old remains in the farthest corner of the
Schranks, because you could still use it. We recommend the
Kitchen cabinets thoroughly once or twice a year. That can be
combine well with the basic cleaning of the cabinets.

5. Food

We humans naturally feel better when we have some food in the house. The risk here is that we have the overview
lose and the food has long passed the expiration date before
we discover it. That's a waste of money and food. At the
We make sure that we check our pantry once a month.
If we always put this on a firm day, it becomes a habit
we do not forget anymore. And also for fridge and freezer should
apply the same principle.

6. Old clothes and bed linen

Finally, we will deal with the subject of textiles. Because in the bathroom as well as in the linen closet we find myself
Security towels, fitted sheets or linens, where we have the nose
we would find her somewhere as a guest. Often ours
Towels of many washing gray or faded. Then best in the old clothes bag
grab it and get away with it. And when we invest in new bedding,
the bedroom also shines directly in the new splendor. Then we have two
Flies hit with one stone.

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