Library for the home

A library for the home - who does not dream of it? Searching for hours between well-stocked shelves, selecting literary classics, bestsellers and short stories, and then browsing for hours in a comfortable armchair, what could be better? And you can do that soon, because we show you the most beautiful libraries for your home, no matter if you like modern, classic or colorful. 

The cozy library

Libraries have been around since antiquity and they still enjoy great popularity today, even in the digital age. Because, of course, e-readers and tablets are handy for reading on the go, but browsing through a real book, turning the pages and smelling the scent of the paper is a much more satisfying experience, as we find. 

The reading pleasure becomes perfect with its own library, which you can set up comfortably with a rug, an armchair and a reading lamp. Here, an open, light-flooded room was chosen for the library. The chair has been positioned so that the light shines directly on the book, making reading easier.

Order must be

In this library, it was ensured that even the smallest Reclam issues can be well-ordered on the shelf. Thanks to special shelf dividers, the rear part of these 40 cm deep compartments can also be used without being confusing.

You can find even more original shelves here: cool shelves from German designers.

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The modern library

Although books seem to be almost a bygone age, a home library does not have to look antiquated. This is impressively demonstrated by this room in a villa in Zurich. Thanks to the generous glazing and the unusual shape of the high room even creates a nearly futuristic look that does not look old-fashioned at all.

A clever shelving system

Every library stands and falls with its shelving system. For what use is the best book collection, if you have the good pieces in a rickety, unaesthetic shelf? 

The remedy is this clever shelf, which thanks to a plug-in system can be assembled with almost no tools. It can also be dismantled at any time and rebuilt elsewhere without the stability of the shelf suffers. The glued and coated birch wood looks elegant and high quality.

The small library

Not everyone has enough space - or books - for a huge library in the home. That does not have to be, as this picture shows. Here behind a half-high wall, a small library was built, which fits into a corner of the living room to save space. Before that, a chair and a floor lamp were placed - the mini-library with the following is ready reading room.

Set accents

A library is not only practical, it can also be used to set real style statements. Here, for example, an elongated white shelf was combined with fresh yellow-green elements and a color-coordinated sofa. This looks unexpected, original and modern. Again, the seating was oriented so that the lighting conditions are optimal when reading. At the same time you have a good overview of the entire book collection from the sofa.

Library with lighting

Everybody knows that: You are looking for a book, but you just can not find it. By contrast, a consistent organization of the works helps. You can sort by topic, author or date or even by color of the cover, if you want. Maybe a backlight of the shelves as in this picture helps a bit with the book search, in any case, it looks pretty.

Incidentally, the kitchen is located on the other side of this library, with recessed sliding doors in between, which divide the loft into the areas of work and living.

reading corner

In the same library, a cozy and at the same time timelessly elegant reading corner has been set up. The red armchair harmonizes with the Bordeaux-colored lampshade, which ensures a pleasant dispersion of light. In the area of ​​the library, a work area has also been set up, behind which a colorful painting settles.

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