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  • Illumination

    Modern architecture and functionality are in the foreground of this property. A house with the lowest energy consumption and high comfort. The passive house is the right choice here. A super-insulated building envelope in conjunction with a fresh air heater ensure perfect living comfort. Comfort in summer and winter, modern technology makes it possible. Airtight construction and passive house windows are also part of the passive house concept. 3-compartment glazing, thermal bridge-free construction result in a very good insulation value and thus a very low energy consumption.

    Build your house with architectural freedom and sponsored by the KfW Bank. With a partner who has the corresponding years of experience. More than 16 years passive house building experience and over 350 realized objects speak for themselves.

  • garden view

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    Advantages, disadvantages and costs of passive houses

    An eye-catcher during the day as at night.

  • entrance area

    Purposeful and factual.

  • differences

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    Elewacje domów- 10 oryginalnych przykładów!
    Фасады домов: 10 оригинальных идей

    Different geometric shapes make the special.

  • Clear lines

    The kitchen and plank area impress with clear shapes and lines. Like a piece.

  • living area

    The living and dining area follow the clean lines. Bright light-filled rooms throughout the house.

  • Bath 1

    A vanity that invites to use.

  • Bath 2

    The modern style with the tasteful round sink and the pleasant combination of brown and white tones can also be found in the bathroom.

  • Summer passive house

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    Set up small kitchens cleverly

    The modern architecture of the house is continued in the interiors and in the selection of equipment.

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