Affordable prefabricated house with a great floor plan

Before it even starts, let's make some points clear. No, this house was not designed or built in Germany. No, the construction costs do not include the property, which of course you have to buy. But yes, that from Turkey, from the experts of Tuna Prefabrik There is actually home for less than 18,000 €. In Germany, you certainly have to pay a few euros, but we did not want to deprive you of the chic house! Designed to meet the demands of space and comfort at a reasonable price, it convinces with a modern look and a good layout. See for yourself!


From this perspective, the building looks like a normal, traditional family home, right? The secret of low construction costs lies in the prefabricated construction. The individual parts are not designed and manufactured on the building site, but outside and are then transported to the property and put together. Like a big puzzle. It only takes a few days for the house to stand.


The house has a total of exactly 100 square meters, spread over two floors. Downstairs we find a 20 m² living room that opens onto the 11 m² kitchen. A small bathroom, a porch and the staircase complete the ground floor. Expensive partitions were omitted here.

Upstairs there are two equal sized bedrooms, another bathroom and a balcony. Overall, that would be the perfect floor plan for a small family!

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Although the house is kept very cheap, luxury was not completely waived! As we have already seen in the floor plans, you sat with porch and balcony on great outdoor areas, where you can get together with family and friends wonderful. By opting for an almost industrial look with lots of metal, you can keep construction costs down and still benefit from a modern look.

One last look

Now that we know more about this house, it's time to say goodbye with a last look. A low priced prefab house that is not overly large but still offers everything a small, modern family needs - we think this cottage could be the perfect source of inspiration for all home builders. Does it meet your taste?

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